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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Change of plans... again!

Western Sahara is one of the world's disputed territories. Not really a country, but often counted as such along with the 15 or so other unrecognized countries of the world. Long time readers will remember when we got pulled over by the police in Transnistria during a visit to that unrecognized country.

Our original intention was to drive all the way into Western Sahara. 

But now that we're in the southern part of Morocco, Western Sahara is still 1,000 kms (620 miles) round trip. And there's really not much worth seeing along the way. We're not beach people to begin with, and it would be a roundtrip drive on the same highway there and back. It doesn't sound appealing.

We'd much rather be inland in the mountains, so that's where we're headed.

Besides which, Lindsey and the grandkids arrive two weeks from today and to add another 1,000 kms to our schedule just doesn't make sense. So we may never make it to Western Sahara in our lifetime, and we're okay with that!

Here in Mirleft, Morocco, and they do a weekly market on Monday's. So we walked up there yesterday morning to get some fruits and veggies and see what there was to see.

Some vendors just spread their goods out on a tarp.

Carrots, anyone?

A variety of other things.

When you are shopping for your fruits and veggies, you put all of your items in a large bowl.

Then you bring your bowl up to the scale, where the guy weighs everything.

Everything we bought.
98 dirham ($12.75 CAD, $9.50 USD, €8.85)

After lunch, we walked over to a neighboring beach.

Notice the fog.

I mentioned the other day about the haze in the air. It was still there yesterday. Several people have made suggestions about what it might be, but we're starting to think it's just a layer of fog that hasn't gone away. Still not sure though. We'll find out when we go into the mountains, which should be tomorrow. 

Pretty little flowers.

Different types of cactus.

Boutique hotel on the beach.

We like exploring this kind of coastline!

This is the neighborhood where our campground is located.

It's actually just a walled compound. Not scenic, but it's been fine. Friendly people, and it served the purpose. But we've seen everything there is to see here, so we're moving on just a little further south today to see one more rock arch on another beach, then a cheap campground for tonight, then inland tomorrow.

Nice price drop on this Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory Kit.

And in Canada...

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