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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Nice hike to end our long weekend on Tenerife

Bob and Denise came down and met us at our hotel around 9:00am and we set off on the 13 km (8 mile) hike up the Lunar Landscape trail. It's listed as an "intermediate" hike that gains about 600 meters (2,000') in altitude. 

We sat down for a break after one of the steeper sections, and I was eating some peanuts. We noticed two really pretty birds that were getting close to us. I tossed over half a peanut, and it was quickly scooped up.

They were almost eating out of my hand at one point.

A Barbary Partridge.
He is a handsome fellow, isn't he?

On the trail.

A huge old pine tree.

Still some ice on the trail.

It was a beautiful day, but we were at around 1,800 meters (6000') in altitude so the high temperature was only about 12C (54F). Which was totally perfect for hiking.

Once again, the hiking trails on Tenerife are well marked and easy to follow.

Bob, on the trail.

Made it to the viewpoint.

Denise and Ruth taking a break.

The "lunar landscape" isn't really anything special.

Scenery along the way.

Lots of yellow wildflowers.

On the trail.

This section was kind of neat.

Denise, Bob, and Ruth.

Definitely felt a little tired by the end of that hike!

Back at the car, we drove up to their hotel and relaxed for a couple of hours. Then they drove us the half hour or so to the Tenerife South airport and dropped us off for our flight back to Morocco.

We had a great long weekend with Bob and Denise. Thanks for letting us join in on part of your holiday!

And, it was a great introduction to the Canary Islands for us. We loved it, and could easily spend a lot more time there.

We got ourselves in through security, and found the VIP lounge where we used up two more of our free credit card lounge passes. So we had some dinner and a couple of drinks and then it was time to go to our gate. 

We got to the gate right on time... but on the screen it said "delayed"! Which was a little bit frustrating because it meant we could have stayed in the lounge another hour or so. Yes, there are flight information screens in the lounge, but they obviously aren't accurate.

Eventually, an hour late, they started boarding.

Our Ryanair flight back to Morocco.

Uneventful flight, although there were quite a few stupid people on this plane. I get to my seat to find someone already sitting in it. A guy about 30 or so. He says he wants the window seat, and gestures for me to take the middle seat. He's smiling, and kind of joking about it, but he was really hoping I would bend. Not a chance buddy... get out of my seat. And he did. But then the attendant started checking people's boarding passes and found several people in the wrong seats. This one guy the row in front of me was supposed to be in row 4, and he was in row 32. Why? Who knows. They made him move.

Landed in Agadir at midnight local time... about an hour late. Max was there waiting for us, and we went right to bed!

Not much on the agenda for today. Gotta do some grocery shopping and make our way to a campground where we will hunker down for the next two or three days as a big rainstorm is coming this way.

Record low deal on the Ring Video Doorbell 3.

And in Canada...

Kindle eReaders are on sale.


  1. What a beautiful hike! The partridge and the yellow flowers are particularly lovely. Glad you had such a good time with your friends!

    1. It was a lovely hike and seeing that partridge made it all worth it. There were actually two of them and they were beautiful, we loved how nicely they were marked, the flowers were really pretty too under the pine trees.

      We had a wonderful time with our friends! We don't have a lot of friends that hike as much as we do so it was great to spend time with ones that do.


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