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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Fun first day in Canary Islands

I've always wanted to come to Canary Islands. I remember that my grandmother took a vacation here sometime back in the 1970's or 1980's and I remember that it seemed so exotic to me back then. Unfortunately, we're only here for three nights, and only the island of Tenerife, but so far we like it!

Our super cheap Ryanair flight went fine. It departed exactly on time, and arrived 20 minutes early.

Boarding our cheap flight at 6:15am...

Everything is a little fuzzy at that hour!

Agadir, Morocco to Tenerife South.

No problem getting ourselves stamped back into Spain.

Walked out of the terminal, and found our bus stop to Santa Cruz. Cost was €9.45 ($13.50 CAD, 
$10 USD) per person for the one hour ride. The bus cost almost as much as our plane fare!

Once we arrived in Santa Cruz, the first order of business was to find some breakfast so we made our way to a little cafe and had some food. Then we went wandering.

Our friends Bob and Denise have already been touring the islands for a week or so and they were arriving Tenerife by ferry at 11:20am so we had an hour and a half or so until their ferry arrived.

Beautiful blue sky to start the day!

The theater is an interesting building.

Notice the mountains in the background.
We're looking forward to doing some hiking.

Santa Cruz is a modern city of about 200,000 people.

Cruise ship tourists.

Some of the shoreline rocks beside the theater have been painted with the faces of famous people. Click the photo to zoom in and see some of them....

Scenery along the way.

Nice park for the kids!

Interesting architecture.

Around 11:00am we walked over to the main port to wait for Bob and Denise's ferry to arrive.

Here it comes!
Notice there are three cruise ships in port.

The ferry reverses into the docking position.

They have arrived!

Hugs all around, and lots of smiles and laughter. We spent a lot of time with Bob and Denise on two of our Mexican RV Caravans and we've gotten together a couple of times since. But we never really figured we would see each other in the Canary Islands! 

They had a car rental booked, so we got that sorted out and made our way to their hotel. But they were a bit early and their room wasn't ready so we drove over to our Airbnb and got ourselves checked in there. Just an inexpensive basic bedroom in a shared apartment, but it will do for a couple of nights.

Then we went back to their hotel, got their room sorted, and finally made our way out for some lunch.

That's an odd tree.


Unfortunately, by the time we finished lunch it had clouded over and was even spitting with rain. Not at all what had been in the forecast! Oh well. We still got out and did some exploring.

That's a weird building on top of a convent.

The courtyard in another building.

The Santa Cruz Cathedral.

Bob, being the thorn between two roses!
Things are pretty quiet during afternoon siesta.

Church tower.

Denise and the Sasa sculpture.

Typical 1700's home.

Bob spotted a gluten free coffee shop across the road while we were out wandering around. We bought some rolls for today's lunch, and a sweet treat!

Everything gluten free!

We bought a couple of bottles of wine and had happy hour up in their hotel room. Then we eventually made our way out for some more food.

Kevin, Ruth, Denise, and Bob.

Mixed tapas for dinner.

It was only 5 kms (3 miles), so Ruth and I walked back to our Airbnb. Unfortunately it was still spitting with rain and we got a little wet! Oh well, it's only water.

Gotta go! Bob and Denise are picking us up here at 9:00am and we are off for a hike! 

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  1. Food and town look great! I bet it is fun getting together with Bob and Denise again. They always looked like your kind of active and fun folks, from the Mexican caravan posts. Enjoy!

    1. We enjoyed the area of Laguna more than than the area of Santa Cruz itself and yes our food was great but the staff was even better.

      It is fun getting to together with Bob and Denise here, we definitely have a lot in common and enjoy each others company.


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