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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

New luggage for our trip!

Yesterday we moved from Lockhart State Park to Bastrop State Park. Along the way, we met up with Tom at his land where he has volunteered to look after Sherman while we are gone. While we were with Tom and his dog Nizza (rhymes with pizza!) Tom presented us with a couple of packages.

We had an offer from a luggage manufacturer to try out a couple of fairly high end carry on suitcases. Our backpack style luggage that we've been using since 2012 is starting to look pretty beat up, and we were getting close to needing something new, so we took them up on their offer, and they shipped them to Tom!

Our new Carry on Bags from Chester...

Traveling in style now!

They weigh only 7 lbs each. 

So, because we like to travel light... this will be as light as it gets! 

On to other things.

As I said, we moved from Lockhart to Bastrop State Park. I have to say, Lockhart State Park didn't thrill us and we won't go back there. Unless you're a golfer (we are not) there isn't enough to keep us busy there.

Saw this little fellow making his way across the road at Lockhart. 
He was only about an inch long.

Nice countryside in this area.

Arrived at Bastrop State Park.

Sherman in his site. 

Hm. Something wrong with this picture.

They put the electrical and water supply on the wrong side of the site!
Yes, we could have driven in... but we liked the view out the front window better this way.

Ready for backgammon.

We quickly decided that Bastrop State Park could keep us busy for a couple of days. So we cancelled our reservation at McKinney Falls and we are going to stay here for three nights and then move Sherman over to Tom's land on Thursday.

Nice sunset from the lookout we hiked up to yesterday evening.

Lol... I like when they do stuff like this.

Today, we're off on a long bike ride. They have a park road here that goes all the way from this park to the next one... it's about 10 miles (16 kms) each way. Better get out there and enjoy the day!

12.5' LionLadder Telescoping Ladder. Clip the $10 off coupon showing on the product page, then enter code XEG9SJT6 for a total 37% off at checkout. ANSI COMPLIANCE:Type I Ladder (Heavy-Duty) 2. One-Button retraction function for easier collecting 3. Slow descending every rung, avoiding pinching fingers 4. Smaller size in collapsed condition, save more space. Code works on 10.5' version also. 

And in Canada...


  1. Nice new luggage, never heard of them - hopefully it will stand up to your busy travel life.

    1. Thanks, so far we think they look good and will hold up to our traveling, I guess we will find out soon enough. :-)

  2. You will be travelling in style!! Our paths have crossed but from a distance I guess. Have a safe flight and wave at us in Denver as you fly over us to Calgary.

    1. We thought we were traveling in style with our older bags, but these ones look even spiffier! :-)

      We will try to remember and wave! I hope our paths will cross next winter.

  3. I have come to the realization that the designers of parks for R.V.'s have never driven one ever.......Nitwits.....
    Have fun on your next adventure!

    1. Kevin and I said much the same, at least at some parks! ;-)

      We are so looking for to our next adventure, we can't wait to write about all our adventures.


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