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Monday, April 29, 2019

Grandma and Grandpa on the trampoline

We were 24 years old when our daughter was born, and 26 years old when our son was born. We remember saying at the time that by having our children at a relatively young age, we would have it made by the time we were 45. And that was pretty much true. In fact, we were 45 when we bought our motorhome and began an unconventional lifestyle.

Coincidentally, our daughter and her husband also had children at a relatively young age. This means that now at age 57 and active we can enjoy our grandkids and be active with them!

I was thinking about this yesterday when we were bouncing on their new trampoline!

Yep, that looks like fun!

Cameron goes pretty high!

Sadie, trying to go higher!
I think she needs a little more weight.

Haven't been on one for a while.

Now I'm getting the hang of it.

Sadie gets a benefit when she catches my jump at the right time!
Even Cameron's butt left the ground

Grandma on the trampoline too!

Lindsey and Justin had been invited out for a movie and dinner with friends, so we were looking after the kids for the afternoon. Good thing the sun was shining but it was still a bit chilly. We took them over to the park for an hour.

Quite a few kids at the playground.


And after the park, we took them over to Fat Les's Chip Stand. Not really ice cream weather, but grandparents are allowed to buy ice cream for their grandkids in any kind of weather!

Sadie, Ruth, and Cameron.

Lots of fun spending time with the grandkids.

Another sunny day today, and actually a bit better than what they were forecasting. High of 10C (50F) so we'll take it. With the sun, that's not too bad. Supposed to be back to cool and drizzly the next few days after this.

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And in Canada...


  1. We had a trampoline just like that for our kids growing up. When asked recently if they were going to get one for their kids they said they were too dangerous! What happened to our little dare devils who were doing backflips in their youth?!?!?

    1. Lol... no kidding. Typically, today's society is just a little too cautious. Don't get me started on why the play structure at their school is closed...

  2. It looks like you guys had as much fun on that trampoline as the kids!

  3. You've proved that some "kids" never grow up! :cD

    1. One of Kevin's favourite saying is that "everyone gets older but you can stay immature forever"! :-P

  4. Great pictures and what fun!! Susan and Roy

    1. Thanks Susan and Roy! And yes, it was great fun. :-)

  5. That looks like so much fun! How great that you get to spend such active time with the grandkids.

    1. It was lots of fun! The kids love it when we join in a do things like this with them. We are really missing our bicycles at the moment though, because then we could go for a good bike ride with them.

  6. Looking good on the trampoline. Fun with the little ones!

    1. Thank you Randy and Pam! We are having fun with them :-)

  7. Great lifestyle planning on your part! Kudos!!!


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