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Friday, April 12, 2019

Only one week left in Texas

Time seems to be ticking quickly... a week from today we fly to Ottawa.

Yesterday, we made our way from San Antonio to Palmetto State Park.

When I was planning our route, there was no easy way to get out of San Antonio without using the Interstate. We see no joy in driving on the Interstate highways, especially around or through a big city.

But as I said, there was no other way that made sense.

Yesterday's drive, 77 miles (123 kms).

What a mess of construction and traffic.

It did not take long to remind ourselves of why we avoid the Interstates!

So we're driving along and I see up ahead a bunch of taillights. 

As we're slowing down, I thought to myself that I should have got off at the last exit and used the service road.

We see this guy in a pickup truck think the same thing... except he actually drives through the grass to get to the service road! Where are the cops when these things happen?

Well in this situation, the cops actually saw him! They also crossed the grass and soon had him pulled over...

If you're going to break the rules, make sure the cops don't see you do it!

We had enough of the Interstate at the small city of Seguin (pop 30,000). Plus, you never know what you're missing if you don't go look.

They have a nice park by the river downtown.


The old fountain still works!

Downtown Seguin... birthplace of true Texas grit!

The Park Plaza Hotel in Seguin.

Lots of pinwheels.

Ruth and the big pecan!

Worth a stop for an hour or two just to wander around.

From there, we took the back roads to get to Palmetto State Park.

Yep, this is better!

Texas wildflowers.

Here we are!

Went to the office to register, and they could only give us one night. Unfortunately, both Friday and Saturday are sold out. It's a small park, with only 40 sites and half of them are tent sites. Actually, you can park an RV in a tent site, but it has to be under 21'. And for some of those sites, it makes sense, but we saw at least a half dozen sites where Sherman would have easily fit with no issues at all.

But, I (surprisingly) didn't argue with them and we were soon hooked up in an RV site for $18 USD ($24 CAD).

Sherman likes this nicely shaded site!

We went for a walk to check things out.

Nice fishing pond.

We'll go for a bike ride this morning, but we have to be out of our site by noon. Unless there is  a cancellation, we'll have to move on this afternoon. Not sure where too, but we always find something.

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And in Canada...


  1. Those weekenders seem to throw down the monkey wrench.

    1. We don't mind, we can go any day of the week, they unfortunately only have the weekend so we are happy for them to enjoy it. Plus, weekends are busy so we prefer to stay away from parks then but there aren't a whole lot of boondocking/dry camping opportunities in this area and we really don't want to stay at a Walmart or a truck stop so if we have to we would pick the busy State Park as the alternative. :-)

  2. I’ll make a note to stop by Seguin and Palmetto State Park when we pick up Pauly from SAN Antonio this summer. Nice pics as usual Kevin.

  3. Based on size and culture, is Texas a state or a country? I think it's its own country.

  4. I'm guessing we won't run into each other this year as we are heading west from Magnolia Beach on Monday. We will however follow your travels here. Safe Travels and watch them Kangaroo's!!!

    1. Nope, it isn't looking like we will. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your summer at the park.

      Glad to hear that you will keep following us virtually while we take you on a tour of Australia. :-)

  5. Enjoying the rest of your Texas time there keep having fun.

  6. What a pretty state park! We experienced the same with many sites where we could have easily fit, because we didn't have a towed vehicle, and because of the generous measurements. Some parks would let us stay in them anyways, but not always. Too bad. We are with you and prefer to avoid interstates whenever possible!

    1. Yes, it is! We really enjoyed our stay here.

      We have also experienced the same results as you, some will allow us to park on the unserviced sites and some won't! We think that when they say 24' is the maximum length they are talking about the length of a travel trailer, figuring the tow vehicle would take up the rest of the space, but if you are a motorhome with the long overhang like us, it isn't a problem because we have the same wheelbase as a pickup truck so unless there is an obstacle blocking the pad behind we would have no problem fitting into the space.


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