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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Private, Keep Out, No Trespassing, Beware of Dog

We went for a bike ride yesterday morning. It seemed like longer, but it was only for an hour. Still, we got 15 kms (9.3 miles) done. It sure is enjoyable to ride decent quality bikes.

From Lake Corpus Christi State Park, we rode outside the park boundaries to the small lake-shore community of Lake City.

After spending four months touring Mexico, it's definitely a difference in culture only a few miles from the border. Never seen so many private property warning signs. Sure, you see the occasional sign in Mexico, but in this area it's the standard! It's almost like they think if you don't put a sign up people will be wandering all over your property.

I didn't take any photos of the signs for fear someone might think I'm being nosy or something.

And dogs! Every second house had at least some kind of a barking dog. Many with more than one. They obviously don't often get bike riders going through... and I'm certain they don't.

But, the few people we did see were friendly enough and waved at us.

I only took one photo all day!
Another overcast day.

After lunch was our standard afternoon... play some backgammon, have a nap, do some reading.

Being a Friday, we had some neighbors move in which was to be expected. They arrived late and were up early this morning.

So... it's time  for us to move on.

The state parks are too busy for our liking on the weekends. And we are due for a change of scenery anyhow. So I think we'll head up to the town of George West and find somewhere to park for free for the night. We were there 7 or 8 years ago and overnighted at the fairgrounds. I also see a small airport that might be worth checking out, as well as a baseball field. We'll find something, and then plan to move up to Choke Canyon State Park tomorrow.

One thing about staying in one spot for 4 nights... other than the camping fees we paid when we arrived, we haven't spent a single dime during our stay here!

The beige color of the popular Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair is almost at a record low price.

And in Canada...


  1. This is admittedly tongue in cheek, but I think barking dogs are the bane of human existence. How it's not annoying to the owners is a mystery.

    1. We have to agree with you, Bob. Having a dog bark is fine but when it goes on and on, it quickly gets annoying especially if you are the neighbour. I know that if Whiskey barked too much we made her stop, because it drove us nuts.

      Riding our bikes by these dogs was funny though because once one dog started all the others along the street joined in. Our only hope was that they were nice and secure behind their fencing, sure wouldn't want one chasing us down on the bicycles!

  2. At least those were barking dogs and not biting ones (unless you trespassed?). ;c)

    1. I was a little worried that they may find a way out from behind their fencing and then start to chase us down but luckily that didn't happen. There was one dog that was trying to herd us, it looked like an Australian shepherd but it was harmless and another one that did chase us but again, it was friendly, I was more afraid of running it over.

  3. You're in a part of Texas where land owners experience a lot of foot traffic from those crossing illegally into the United States of America. Those people often steal belongings from the property owners as they pass through. Most people have dogs that will bark to alert the property owners of intruders nearby, the barks provide the property owners with knowledge of the strangers. Property Owners in the area you are visiting are simply trying to protect what belongs to them. Funny thing though, we have experienced many Canadians who ridicule the Americans for the way things are done in the USA. Canada has some crazy insane laws of its own too. For example, an American who had a DUI cannot enter the country for 10 years, 2 DUI's keeps the person out for 20 years, and 3 DUI's for 30 years, and anymore than that one would never gain entry to Canada. The other fact we Americans often find disgusting is how much the Canadians think ill of the Americans for not wanting to let people to walk into our country... heck, those people crossing our southern border without proper documentation cannot cross the Canadian southern border either! So, around the campfires, we American RVer's often discuss the Canadian's double standards. Last but not least... Many Americans find it awfully cruel and inhuman for an innocent, sick human being to have to sit and wait for several months to get in and see a specialist doctor for a medical problem that has the ability to take the life of the person, in Canada. Americans want their freedom, we work hard to have it, and we work hard to keep it... we don't want to work ourselves to the bones, just to see illegals come along and take what we have worked very hard to get. That is totally, unfair to the American. How you really feel if an in illegal came up and took your RV while you were out hiking? The way you would feel, is how many of American's feel about having our property and belongings taken from us. Most of us Americans are happy about having people immigrant to our great Country, all we ask is that they come according to the laws of our Country, just as Canada requires all of their immigrants to do there. Why, do you all feel America is not right, or is wrong? Why do you keep coming back here?

    1. Why do you keep coming back here?

      We have to drive through it to get to Mexico!

      And I'm only partly serious. Many Canadians have quit coming to the United States altogether, although I am not about to make this into a political discussion. Sure, Canada has some goofy rules, as does any country. We take drinking laws seriously, while you take marijuana laws seriously. Who is right? Neither? Both? Different countries, different laws. You have to follow them.

      And you're totally correct... so should the immigrants.

      But, I see these same signs all over New York State. This "no trespassing" mindset is not just a south Texas thing.

    2. Middle Class American, lots of great countries in the world including the U.S. Mexico is another along with Canada. We do so much together as the North American continent that we can't let illegal immigration dominate what we do and how we live.

      We live in Mexico and love it after 35 years. We will be traveling to Texas for two weeks and look forward to West Texas travel. Kevin tells it like it is and there are some things in your great country, just like my great adopted country that are not so great.

      We can all work around it, but sometimes we need to talk about it. Kevin and Ruth have an excellent blog and tell it like it is. We're frugal, Kevin and Ruth are super-frugal but we all seem to get along and accept each other's differences as we have so many more things in common.

  4. One of the talk shows interviewed a burglar. The best deterrent, according to the burglar, was barking dog/s. He said most burglars will not enter a house with a barking dog. I have three small dogs that were rescued from people dumping them in the park next to our house. Best watch dogs I've had.

    1. I don't see very many no trespassing signs on homes/yard but I do see them at businesses. I believe Arizona castle law deters trespassers and a person doesn't have to retreat when confronted.

    2. We have no problem with dogs and we agree they are a great deterrent for a robbery. All Kevin did was mention that we passed lots of barking dogs. We see signs up in Canada for no trespassing but normally it is out in the country on farmland or wooded areas, not so much on private houses and certainly not in built up communities.

  5. In some areas, you may have more rights if you have no tresspassing signs posted - such as right to defend your property, to kick hunters off your land, to not be held responsible if they hurt themselves, etc. For instance, we have an uninsurable (dangerous) building on our property - if someone trespassed and got hurt in it, we may be legally liable if not posted. There are also regulations of maximum distance between signs to meet the legal requirements.
    More info:

    1. Ok, that definitely makes some sense and we can understand that. The lawyers and justice system have really screwed things up sometimes!


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