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Thursday, April 25, 2019

I don't think I've ever seen so much wildly churning water!

Yesterday, we went and picked up Ruth's dad and took him for a drive. It's been a long winter in this area, and they don't get out often enough at the senior's home. So we figured he would enjoy a change of scenery and some fresh air.

It was chilly though... only a high of 9C (48F) and a brisk wind.

We drove up to the bridge that goes across to Quebec at the Chenaux Hydro Electric Dam.

Pretty quiet on the north side of the dam.

But the south side was a different story!

I don't think I've ever seen so much wildly churning water! So powerful.

Ruth and her dad watching the water.


And they say the water will get higher yet.

I took a video for you.... turn up your volume...

From there, we drove back to Renfrew and had a walk around the park where the Bonnechere River flows through that town. Once again, the water level is very high...

A pedestrian suspension bridge over the river. 

Yep, lots of water here too!

I took another video for you...

Down at the Ottawa River, the water is rising.

Soon going to be over the road here.

In Arnprior where the Madawaska River flows out to the Ottawa River.

And they say it will get higher yet.

Interesting afternoon, and I'm sure Tony enjoyed getting out and about.

Yetserday's drive, 95 kms (59 miles).

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And in Canada...


  1. Bet those people with waterview homes are wishing their homes weren't quite so close to the bloody water.

    1. Yep, I bet they are but that is the risk you take when you want waterfront property!

  2. Love the photo of Ruth and her dad. I reminded me of mine, he had a cane like that. I bet he enjoyed the day and it will be a great memory one day for all!

    1. Thank you! I always like to try and get a nice picture of the two of us together every time we come to visit because you never know if it might be the last one. :-(

      He did enjoy the day very much. I am glad that we took him for a drive and I am sure that we will be doing that again before we leave.

  3. What a loving and thoughtful gesture for your dad....a precious memory to keep.

    1. Thank you and we enjoyed the drive as well. It was nice for him to get out and see some new scenery after spending most of the winter inside.

  4. Yep, we're getting pretty nervous! The highway back of us has been closed once already. We're watching the creek just next to our lane very carefully.

    1. I hope you don't encounter the problems that are being caused on the Ottawa River right up and into Quebec. They unfortunately are having very serious problems and the water still isn't at it's peak. :-(

      Good luck out there!


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