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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Back on our own...

Well, we are on our own again. Everybody said goodbye to each other yesterday morning and we each went our separate ways. After spending four months traveling with a group of other RV's, it's a little different to be heading off on your own.

And so with no schedule to keep, (other than being at Austin, Texas airport on the morning of the 19th) we set off a little later than normal, headed in the direction of Lake Corpus Christie State Park.

I had a minor exhaust problem on Sherman to fix, and so I waited until the morning chill was gone to repair it. As I was waiting, one by one the rest of the group said goodbye to each other and hit the road...

Bye Denise and Bob!

Bye Jeannie and Barry.

Bye Sue and Roy!

Bye Paul!

And that was it. Sherman was all by himself. 

It took me 20 minutes to repair Sherman's little exhaust problem. Just a loose clamp. Then, we filled the fresh water tank, went and used the campground showers, stopped at the dump station, and then we hit the road ourselves.

No very far though... just to the Walmart down the road. Sherman is due for an oil change one of these days so I wanted to have all the supplies with me for when we are at a spot where it's convenient to do the job.

Then, we put in some relatively inexpensive fuel... only $75 USD ($102 CAD) worth... we shouldn't use much more than that during our time here. Fuel was $2.37 USD per gallon (about $0.84 CAD per liter).

Then, it was lunchtime. As I said, we got a bit of a late start, but we knew we weren't driving far. So we had lunch in the Walmart parking lot before heading out.

Didn't take many photos of the drive... because there's not much to see in this part of Texas!

Nice roads, but not very scenic.

We pulled into the public library at the town of Freer, but the wi-fi signal was poor. If it had been good, we might have asked if we could park there for the night, but decided to find somewhere better. I had seen the parking lot of a baseball diamond that looked fine, and it was.

Sherman, parked up at GPS 27.884346, -98.600669

I had a nap for an hour, then we played some backgammon. Back to the old routine. We didn't get out for a walk, but hopefully we'll make up for that today. It seems the nicer weather is back with us. It was chilly overnight, but the sun is shining this morning as I write this, and they're calling for a high of 74F (23C).

Scissor tail flycatcher.

Yesterday's drive, 61 miles (99 kms).

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  1. Replies
    1. We have to admit, it is nice to have some time just to ourselves but we also really enjoyed our time with the rest of the group. :-)

  2. After getting to know the group more personally I'm certain they will become Life Long Friends. Definitely nice to be back on your own again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we are sure that we have made some lifelong friends from this group. We really enjoyed our time together with the caravan and we had a lot of fun times.

      It is sort of strange being on our own again!

  3. Great trip you guys... some day we want to do this as well, we are retired but have some family resp. still. Once those are no more we will be on the road and have enjoyed following your adventures and have learnt so much so thank you and hope to run into you guys some day...

    1. Thank you, we think it was a fun trip and we really enjoyed it. We hope that someday you will be able to to enjoy a trip like this too. We are glad that you enjoyed our adventures and hope we have been able to give you some helpful information.

      It would be nice to cross paths one day in the future, we look forward to it. :-)

  4. I bet Sherman was sad to see his twin leave with Jeannie and Barry!

    1. Sherman was sad to see everyone leave the other day! Actually, Serenity isn't Sherman's twin but his slightly younger sister. ;-)

  5. Not sure what route you're taking to Austin but there is a wonderful state park, Choke Canyon. There is a lake with alligators up to 12 feet long. We've stayed there several times and I think the current weather and season make it a great place to stop.

    1. We actually have Choke Canyon on our radar. We were there back in February 2008 after our very first exit from Mexico but we never stayed the night, only went in for part of the day. This time I think we will stay at least two nights, maybe more. :-)

  6. I am guessing it feels good to be back on your own:)

    1. It does and it doesn't! We really started to feel like a family with this group and I think we had a good bond with everyone so it was hard to say goodbye to to them. I am sure that we will see most of them in the future at some point. Having said that it is sorta nice to be on our own again with no real time constraints and no responsibilities. :-)


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