Tea growing near Pu Mat National Park at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Con Cuong (Pu Mat National Park), Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Monday, April 8, 2019

What a storm that was!

Yesterday morning it rained from around 5:00am to 10:00am. We had been parked up behind the Fairgrounds buildings near the town of George West and we were on high ground so didn't have any problems.

But when we left, and headed to Choke Canyon State Park, we saw that some areas, including the park, did have some problems.

By 11:00am, the sun was breaking through and things were starting to dry up.

It was just a short drive...

Yesterday's drive, 20.6 miles (33 kms).

Once again, we stuck to the back roads.

Nice looking church.

Great road.

With no traffic.

We had been to Choke Canyon State Park back in February of 2008... 11 years ago! But, we did not stay overnight at the time.

This time, I asked about staying in the basic camping area with no hookups, but they have a firm rule at this particular park that RV's must camp in the RV camping area. It's not cheap, at $22 USD ($30 CAD) per night for water and electric. 

But, our State Parks pass gives us 50% off the second night, so we signed up for a two night stay. After all, we wanted to explore the Texas State Parks. So, at least it averaged the cost down to $16.50 USD ($22.50 CAD) per night which is more reasonable.

Sherman, parked up in site #114.

We got ourselves settled and went for a walk.

Like I said, it was quite a storm that went through, and the park seems to have taken a harder hit than the area we had been parked at.

Some of the lower camp sites are flooded.

Lots of trees down.

 Another thing we noticed is the water level of the lake. As I said, we had been here 11 years ago, so we had a bit of a memory of the place. The water level seemed very low.

And we were right... it is low, compared to when we were here in February 2008. Check out these two photos...


11 years ago!

And it turns out that the water level today is actually the highest it's been in quite some time. I found a graph online that illustrates the fluctuations over the years...

When we were here in 2008, the reservoir was full.

Sherman's campsite.

So we're sitting having dinner, and Ruth spots a javelina. They're fairly common in this area, but you still don't see them all that often.

Funny lookin' animal.

And then, through the screen door, I see a deer wandering through our site...

It turns out that there are lots of deer around.

And they are not very shy.

We went for a short walk after dinner and Ruth spotted this great horned owl.
He was actually pretty far away. LOVE my zoom lens!

Today, we will relax at the park. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Heading out for a bike ride after breakfast.

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And in Canada...


  1. Ruth is really good at spotting animals!

  2. The storm was not kind to those of us still in the Rockport area. If you have not ever done it and it is open, check out the part of the state park down at the dam. When it was open to camping, I preferred it over where you are camped.

    1. Yeah, I think it was worse over in your neck of the woods than it was here.

      If we have time we will stop by to have a look at the other section of the park. It is only a day use area now.

  3. That is the biggest reason we prefer the west. The storms are scary in the spring.

    1. This is true, the west doesn't have nearly the storms that other areas of the southern US have in the spring.

  4. "Funny lookin' animal," is what the javelina is saying.

  5. Looks like a gret place to camp:) We have had heavy rain and storms for days with still more to come. Hope I do not have to look for a row boat!

    1. We have a really nice spot where we are here at the campground, it's very private with lots of wildlife. Two nights here at this park is enough for us though, time to move on. :-)

      Hope things dry up for you and that you won't need that row boat!

  6. Hope it stays dry there for the rest of your stay. We had our fill of rain and flooding when we were in southwest Texas state parks last August. Lucky for you to spot that havelina and great horned owl. That new camera has paid for itself many times over with such great pictures. What a fun “toy” to have on your travels. 😊😊

    1. We are hoping so too! Lots of beautiful sunshine yesterday though and it looks like more of the same today. :-)

      We have been seeing quite a bit of animal life here and yes, Kevin is loving the camera!


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