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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Short drive to Lockhart State Park

Strange weather yesterday... a little bit of everything. The day started with some rain when we woke up at the skydiving airport. So we waited that out until 10:00am or so, and then hit the road north towards the town of Lockhart.

We popped into the Walmart to get a couple of things, and we were getting such a good wifi signal in the motorhome that we just stayed put and did some free internet time.

I'm starting to spend a fair bit of my internet time researching our upcoming Australia RV trip. There is sooo much to see! We're really excited about it. Only a month until we head out!

While we were sitting there, some black clouds came over and we had a short rain storm again... followed by some really strong winds. Good thing we didn't have to go far.

Heading towards Lockhart.

Yesterday's drive, only 13 miles (21 kms).

The winds settled down around 1:00pm and there was even a bit of blue sky. We took the opportunity to drive over to Lockhart State Park and get settled into our site.

Not bad, but too close to the neighbors.

However, beggars can't be choosers. It was the only site left and we were lucky to get in at all. We've learned that many of the Texas State Parks are busy on the weekends, and there is not a lot in the way of boondocking possibilities in this area. Sure... we could have stayed at the Walmart, but that's truly a last resort for us.

And with our Texas State Parks annual pass, we receive half off our second night stay. So our $20 USD a night site cost us $15 USD ($20 CAD) per night for two nights. Still pricey enough, but we get to enjoy the park.

First thing we did was go out for a walk.

It's not the most exciting park, partly because it's one of the smaller parks. But, it still has a few trails, so we walked them yesterday and we'll get the bikes off today.

Lots of pretty Texas wildflowers.

And a pretty stream and waterfall.

The afternoon ended up quite nice... until the wind picked up again.

Today looks like a beautiful day... forecast high of 73F (23C) and sunny.

We've got the rest of our time here in Texas planned out. We're here for another night, then we move to Bastrop State Park for two nights, then into the outskirts of Austin, TX to McKinney Falls State Park for Wednesday night.

Then on Thursday we move to Sherman's summer parking spot. One of our readers generously offered to let Sherman use some land he owns near here where Sherman can wait out our return to Texas in the fall.

Then on Friday, we fly to Ottawa!

Record low price on the Snapper MAX Cordless Electric Lawnmower.

And in Canada...


  1. Lockhart is famous for barbecue...just saying.

    1. We have food in our fridge that needs to be eaten before we fly out on Friday, and I wouldn't be wasting that. ;-)

  2. Very nice of them to allow you to store Sherman - you've sure met a lot of great people from this blog

    1. Yes, it is very nice of them to let us store Sherman there for the summer. We have met so many wonderful people through blog, we feel very fortunate indeed. :-)

  3. We had the best steak in Texas and ribeye was cheap compared to AZ :-) We also tried their BBQ. Love the green parks.

    1. We find good steaks to be pretty expensive here, especially when you have to add on another 30 to 35 percent because of the exchange rate.

      We are loving all the beautiful greenery that we have been seeing since coming out of the desert, it is a nice change.

  4. Stay out of the crazy Texas weather and wind. How nice to have someone keep Sherman. There are a lot of good people out there.

    1. We are doing our best to stay away from the crazy weather!

      Yep, there are definitely a lot of good people out there, in fact we would say the majority of people are good people. :-)

  5. If you have the time make sure you go to Black’s BBQ in Lockhart. Some of the best in Texas.

    1. We still have lots of food here in Sherman that needs to be eaten before we leave on Friday, and we won't be wasting any of that if we can help it.

  6. What are your thoughts on insurance for Sherman while it's in storage?

    1. None, his blue book value really doesn't make it worthwhile.


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