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Monday, December 31, 2018

Sometimes in Mexico you never quite know how something is going to happen...

Three years ago, Ruth and I had hopped on some local transportation and done a day trip to a waterfall. We suggested the trip to the group, and 10 of us decided to go. But it's tough to use local transport for a group of ten, so we contacted the same minibus company that had taken us to the butterflies, and they sent a van to pick us up at 10:00am.

But before we left, we had some laundry to do...

There is a lavanderia (laundry place) nearby, but we find that by doing a few items per day it's easy to keep up with the small stuff.

Ruth, using the washboard.

Hm. Not sure we can take much more of this. 
Think we'll head back to Canada!

The van picked us up, and our driver Victor took us to the town of Donato Guerra. What a beautiful little town. It's off the beaten path and doesn't get many gringo visitors. We could live there.

We stopped at the mirador (viewpoint) heading down into the valley.

The ladies.

And the guys.

It was a Sunday, so the church was busy.

 And market day is also on a Sunday in Donato Guerra. We had told the group to take 20 minutes to wander around, but we really should have allowed more time. It was actually a pretty big market with lots of interesting stuff!

Chicks for sale.

The plaza still has the Christmas decorations up. 

Hm, what is this?

Some type of little fish with salsa.

And this lady was making chicharron... deep fried pork rind.

We bought a small bag. 

Roy can always sniff out the ice cream guy!

10 pesos ($0.52 USD, $0.72 CAD) for an ice cream cone.

From there, we hopped back in the van and Victor took us to Ixtapan del Oro. It's a nice little town too, but it was also market day there, and it was really busy. We actually had a hard time getting through town. It would have been tough to find a parking spot, so we continued on to the waterfall.

The waterfall is located in a state park... Parque El Salto Chihuahua. It's at GPS 19.280506, -100.252460.

It's a pretty impressive waterfall!

Ruth, standing at the bottom!

Victor took a photo of us.
Back row: Roy, Wendy, Ruth, Kevin, Lynnette, Paul
Front row: Garth, Sue, Denise, Bob.

Another view.

Bob, Denise, and Ruth and I hiked up the hill to the picnic and tent camping area. On the way up there, one of us noticed the ground moving. I mean, it wasn't an earthquake or anything... it just looked like something moving. It turned out to be thousands of some type of daddy longlegs...

Very creepy. Never seen anything like it.The photo doesn't do it justice. 
I tried taking a video too, but it didn't show them very well either.

Another view.

The picnic and tent camping area.

We found another spot by the river to have lunch.

Then it was time for the drive back home. Arrived back to the RVs around 3:30pm and I had a nap!

The van cost us 2500 pesos this time... a slightly further distance than when we went to see the butterflies. Still, at 250 pesos ($13 USD, $17.50 CAD) per person, a good deal for a day trip.

We had bought some fresh peas at the market for dinner.

Oh, another story to tell!

A few of the rigs are getting low on propane. I had told the group at the beginning of the trip that propane is readily available in Mexico, and most of the time we have no problem getting a propane truck to come to us and fill us up where we are parked. We have never had a problem getting propane in Mexico.

Of course they were about to prove me wrong. I had asked Chago a few days ago to see about getting us some propane, but there is a problem in this area right now. They have propane... but they have no fuel for the propane truck itself! All three gas stations in Valle de Bravo have been out of fuel for the last few days, although yesterday when we headed out of town there was a big lineup at the one station, so they must have had an overnight delivery.

After supper, we are just relaxing in the motorhome. There's a knock on the door, and it's Denise saying that a propane truck is here! Huh? At 7:30pm on a Sunday night??

Yep, sure enough. And Chago was out there with the propane guys. But there was another problem... and I was trying to understand what it was. It sounded like they didn't have very much propane, and they were only going to give us a small amount each and it would cost 300 pesos ($15.50 USD, $21 CAD) each rig.

But I thought it sounded expensive and wanted to make sure we weren't being ripped off. Propane currently in this area is 10.15 pesos per liter.

Anyhow, I misunderstood, and Chago went to get a lady staying nearby who speaks some English. Through her, we found out that yes, they are low on propane, and yes, they are going to only put 300 pesos worth in each rig... however it is at the price of 10.15 pesos per liter.

So it was all good, and those who needed propane got enough to do them for a week or two. We'll get some more at the next stop. One of the things I love about Mexico is that sometimes you never quite know how something is going to happen... but somehow they make it happen!

Another great day in Mexico. Today is a free day, with nothing planned. However, I have some puttering around on the motorhome to do, and I want to go for a bike ride on a different route leading out of here to make sure that it's motorhome friendly.

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  1. Certainly an interesting day. Love the waterfall pictures. The spider things were pretty creepy. Keep having fun.

    1. Yep, it was another great day in Mexico! :-)

      We agree those spiders/daddy long-legs were creepy to watch!

  2. Yuck, spiders are not my favorite but sometimes it is moments like those that will never let you forget that waterfall. Glad you got some propane, Chago is really trying to take care of you and the group. I wonder who he had to bribe...

    1. I am fine with spiders as long as they aren't crawling on me or in the motorhome but watching them in the ferns was definitely creepy feeling.

      We were glad to see the propane truck show up as two units in the group were pretty much empty. Yes, Chago is doing a great job looking after us.

  3. Those bugs look like Walking Sticks.

    1. If you saw them up close you would know they weren't, they were definitely in the daddy long-legs family. It really looked like the ground was moving as they all moved together. I still shiver a bit when I think of what it looked like.

  4. Amazing how everything just falls into place… Chago is a good man! Another perfect day.

    1. It didn't quite all fall into place though, if it had the propane truck would have showed up two days prior, when we first need it but this is Mexico and somehow or other is does all eventually work out! :-)

  5. The word around La Peñita is that propane supplies were frozen prior to a price rise Jan. 1, not sure if the same applies in your location.

    1. We aren't sure if that was the case here or not. The truck couldn't come to us when we originally asked because the truck didn't have any fuel to actually run the truck itself. When the fuel arrived they went out and did their deliveries and we were last in line and they only had so much propane left by that point. Having said that it is still possible that they also have a shortage on the propane here.

  6. Sounds like another iterestiny day you enjoyed, and glad you got you propane.

    1. Everyday in Mexico is an interesting day! :-)

  7. Great deal! Aprox 15:1 MEX:CAD. So around .67/L delivered. My street price right now is .849/L. That's on site, delivery is well over a dollar a litre depending on location. My company, Canwest, was bought out by Superior Jan. 1 2018, so they now have a massive monopoly in Canada. Guess what, prices are trending up. Wayyyy up.

    1. Well that is good to hear. We have generally found that propane prices in Mexico are much better than Canada or the USA for that matter, but the fuel prices sure aren't!

      Unfortunately it seems that most things go up in price! :-(

  8. great pictures.... wonderful day for sure.

  9. Love the waterfall. Wishing you both a very happy healthy and adventurous 2019 xx

    1. It is certainly a pretty waterfall, even on our second time round.

      Thank you Helen and we wish you, Tony and the rest of the family a very Happy New Year as well. :-)

  10. Great pictures and great recap of the day. Somehow it seems like everything always works out for you and your crew.

    1. Thank you! It doesn't always work out the way we want it too but yes, it eventually does work out. :-)

  11. Your trip looks really wonderful, I am enjoying the photos very much.
    One question: is there a particular disadvantage to pulling a small camper through Mexico? I notice that no one in the group is towing a camper. Thanks!

    1. No, not at all. It is purely coincidental that we have only motorhomes and class B vans with us this trip.

  12. Love the blog - the spiders remind me of this from Sonora state I saw a few days back...

    1. Thank you, we are glad that you are enjoying our posts. :-)

      Yes, seeing that video does remind us of what we saw with the daddy long-legs at the waterfall.


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