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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Learning the features on our new camera

We were given permission to stay at Balneario Puesta del Sol for one more night, so we decided to take a relax day. Nothing wrong with having a few relax days along the way!

Besides, I still had a bunch of little projects to do on Sherman. His heater fan had been acting up, sometimes not coming on at all until you give it a whack with your hand. I had taken it apart in Texas, and thought I had it fixed, but had bought a new one at the time just in case.

Yesterday, I took a half an hour and installed the new one. Surprisingly, it's pretty easy to get at.

Then, I repaired one of the trim pieces behind my seat. On a 23 year old motorhome, there is always something small to fix!

I did a bunch of reading on the internet to refresh my knowledge of the Mexico City "Hoy no Circula" rules. The greater Mexico City area has driving laws that ban your vehicle from the roads one day per week depending on the last digit of your licence plate. When we go to Tepotzotlan on January 3rd, we will be in one of those zones, so need to make sure everybody in the group is allowed on that day. I think we have one that is not and they will need to apply for a free tourist pass online. No big deal, just making sure we're all legal!

And, I finally started reading the instructions for the new camera. Simply haven't had time until now! Because it's the same brand as the older one, many of the features are the same. But, there is some new stuff that I'm learning.

Ruth actually sat out and read a book for a change!

Playing with the macro feature on the camera.

Sitting out at happy hour.

The camera we bought is a Nikon P900 with an amazing 83x optical zoom lens.

Check it out... Nikon P900 on Amazon.com

And in Canada at Nikon P900 at Amazon.ca (It's actually on sale in Canada!)

For you photography buffs, the zoom is the equivalent of a 2,000 mm lens. This camera is so versatile, it's amazing. It even has a special setting for bird photos so that you can zoom in close and the focus will be right it the center of the picture. Really looking forward to trying that out.

And, it has a "moon" setting, specifically for taking shots of the moon. Coincidentally, there was a full moon just last night so I got to play with it... 

Click the photo to make it full screen!

So far, really impressed. Looking forward to showing you more of what this camera can do!

Another gorgeous sunny day in Mexico. High about 21C (70F) and low about 2C (36F). Not bad for the first day of winter!

Today is a driving day, and we are excited to be going to one of our favorite places in Mexico... Valle de Bravo!

Record low price on a two pack of Fire Gone Fire Extinguishers

And in Canada...


  1. I swear I could see the astronaut's footprints when I went to full screen of your moon picture. What a great camera! :cD

    1. Lol, I was looking for the flag! :-P

      Kevin is really happy with the camera and he can't wait to try out some of the other special features.

  2. Yes, the first day of winter but Ottawa has already had winter for several weeks!

    1. You have to expect that though when you spend the winter in Canada. ;-)

  3. The heater fan you so easily replaced.... was it on the RV furnace or dashboard furnace?

  4. I’m so happy you have the new camera for this trip Kevin... your pics are even more impressive!

    1. Kevin is definitely taking some beautiful pictures with it! :-)

  5. You're becoming more Mexican as the years go by. Just give it a good whack or what we call a mexicanada!

    1. Except that we have done things like that for years! ;-)

  6. Tonight I was watching a PBS channel and the story was about Apollo 8. This was the 1st trip around the moon, and then you show us a picture of our nearest neighbor...Cool!


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