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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from Valle de Bravo, Mexico!

We love spending Christmas in Mexico. The traditions are a little different, and it's fun to experience the season from a different perspective. Here in Mexico, Christmas Eve is the big celebration and Christmas Day is pretty much just another day. The kids don't open presents on Christmas morning... that is saved for Three Kings Day on January 6th.

Another gorgeous day enjoying the sunshine, blue sky, and fantastic scenery.

We went for a hike with Denise. Her husband Bob wasn't feeling 100%, and figured he would stay back and relax. At least Denise will now know the route and can take him another day.

There's a stray dog here at the marina... we've all named her Lucy. She's really friendly, and smart. We find Mexican dogs to be smarter than most other dogs. I think they have to be to survive. Anyhow, Lucy followed along on our hike. We've had this happen several times in the past... we go for a hike, and a local dog comes with us. It's kind of neat.

The first part though, we have to walk along the side of a fairly busy road and there is no actual sidewalk. Lucy walks with us, right on the side of the road. They are street smart.

Eventually, we go through a small community and when we got to the gate where the path goes up the hill, two more dogs had joined the trek.

Chago says this road was built about 50 years ago for the first electrical towers to the area.

It makes for a great hiking trail! 

With some beautiful views looking back at the lake.

Lago Avandaro at Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

We made it to the gate with our canine hiking companions.

The trail leads to private property and a house that has access from the opposite side of the hill. There didn't seem to be anybody around, and we were tempted to go in and see the view from their back patio. But Chago later said it's a good thing we didn't because the people who are up there are apparently not very welcoming!

We had done 5.5 kms (3.3 miles) one way and it was time to head back down.

Little catcus growing on an old brick wall.

Denise and Ruth with a beautiful plant growing out of a rock.


Back at the bottom, there is an interesting Christmas Tree in the village of San Gaspar.

Sunset at Lago Avandaro.

A few people in our group wanted to take part in the traditional Posada procession. I had asked one of the young guys working here what time it was, and he said it was 5:00pm. But I asked Chago later, and he said it was 7:00pm. So around 7:00pm, Ruth walked up to the church with them, only to find out that it had been at 5:00pm. Apparently every other night it started at 7:00pm, but on Christmas Eve it's 5:00pm. Oh well! They stayed for the church service, and Ruth came back to the marina.

Chago says later that he wants to have a campfire for us all. Great! When we arrived there, it seemed they were getting food for us as well! Of course we had pretty much all had dinner already and by now it was about 9:00pm. They had done a big roast turkey with stuffing and everything! So we all ate again!

What a great surprise for the group!

Campfire in a wheelbarrow!

Lights across the calm lake.

Wendy and her Christmas hat!

Chago's daughter Fatima roasting a marshmallow.
"Malvavisco" in Spanish... our word of the day.

Chago's daughter Mariel, son Isidro, and wife Carmen.

Ruth, Chago, Denise, and Susan. 

Sitting around the campfire.

Ruth, dancing with Fatima!

Lots of fun, and what a great local experience for the group with Chago and his family.

Christmas Day today, and we're taking our kayak out for a Christmas morning paddle!

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And in Canada...


  1. What an absolutely special day from your canine hiking companions to your campfire and Turkey dinner. Lots of special memories created for your group!

    1. Yep, it was a wonderful day, we certainly couldn't ask for much better. :-)

  2. What a fun day and a Merry Christmas to you guys as well.

    1. It was a great day, thank you! Looks like you had a good Christmas as well. :-)

  3. I love the part about "What time is the posada?" We run into this all the time here in Etzatlan! Being Greek, I have nothing but respect for 'Mexican Time.' My father's "just five minutes!" were legendary.

    1. It is just the Mexican way! The ones that wanted to see the posada may have missed it but they enjoyed the church service so it all worked out in the end. We have learned that "Mexican time" might mean manana or it might a few mananas for now. :-)

  4. Love that the local dogs are always up for a hike.

    1. As long a they behave themselves we don't mind them tagging along, providing they go back home afterwards rather than following us the whole way back to the motorhome.

  5. Ruth looks at home dancing with Fatima! I'm sure that will be a memory that little girl will remember for as long time.

    1. Dancing with Fatima, makes me think of dancing with our granddaughter, Sadie. Fatima loves to dance and she has such an infectious smile and disposition you can't help but want to dance with her. Yes, I am sure she will remember her time with our group over Christmas, they all love her. :-)


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