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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Well that was a fun surprise!

We made a plan yesterday for the group to go to Velo de Novia (Bride's Veil) waterfalls in Avandaro on the opposite side of the lake.  I had been talking to our host Chago about arranging a minibus to get us there, when he made the suggestion to go by boat.

Ruth and I have been there a couple of times before, and we knew that you could access the trail from the lake shore to get to the falls... I thought the group would enjoy a boat ride over there!

So we made a plan to do that. Chago has an old pontoon boat here, and we figured that was the boat he was talking about. But when the time came to get on the boat, we found out that we were going sailing!

There is our sailing vessel!

It didn't take Garth very long to find a comfortable spot!

Getting the rest of the crew ready.

And we're off!

Garth and Ruth.



Garth, Paul, and Ruth.

Scenery along the way.

The crew!

La Pena... we will hike up there one day soon.

Near the main dock in Valle de Bravo.

Hey, now that looks like fun!

Valle de Bravo is a world class hang gliding and para gliding destination. Ruth and I have always wanted to do that... so maybe one day soon!

Beautiful scenery.

Kevin and Ruth.

We stopped at a marina for a pee break!

Not a bad place to stop!

Lynnette had fun getting back on the boat!

Denise and Ruth.

Our Captain Chago es un buen marinero (a good sailor)!

There's our friend Paco waiting for us to dock.

And this is the picture he took of us coming in.

Some of the crew.

What a fun afternoon that was! Everyone totally enjoyed it, however we never made it to the waterfall because it was too windy in the docking area. It didn't matter... everybody had a great time just enjoying the ride. Thanks Chago!

And the fun doesn't stop... today, we are off to see the monarch butterflies wintering grounds in the mountains nearby. This will be the 5th time Ruth and I have seen them, and it never gets old. Always a special experience and we can't wait to show the group!


And in Canada...


  1. Hope no one was sea-sick, the water looks choppy!

    1. No one was sea-sick at all, it was actually a very smooth sailing day.

  2. What an awesome experience for everyone. The picture of you and Ruth is frame worthy I think. Safe Travels.

    1. It was a fantastic experience and everyone that went really enjoyed the ride and the views.

  3. Wow, now that was an experience one wouldn't expect on an rv caravan.

    1. You have that right! We know the right people. :-)

  4. Always a surprise. This isnt your ordinary caravan!

    1. You have that right and there is more in store! :-)

  5. Can’t thank you enough Kevin and Ruth for arranging that wonderful two hour sail along some of the beautiful homes along Lake Avandaro. I don’t know if there’s more places like this in Mexico... could be the “ Switzerland” of Mexico? Lol!

    1. You are welcome Lynnette, we are so glad that you and everyone else that went really enjoyed themselves.

      Valle de Bravo IS known as the "Little Switzerland of Mexico"! :-)

  6. So there is sailing possible in Mexico! I will let Bernd know.

    1. Oh yes, sailing is possible in Mexico! Don't forget you also have a lot of coastline in Mexico where people sail too. But this is definitely one of the most popular lakes in Mexico for sailing on. :-)

  7. That is so cool!..I'm thinking some of those folks have never been on a sailboat...
    No motor..unless needed..so peaceful and quiet...
    Having been born in Seattle, I've been boating since I was 5 yrs old...Stink-pots..Cats..Multi-hulls......Even rubber rafts.....

    1. I think there was maybe a couple of people that had never been on a sailboat before but some have done quite a bit of sailing. It was all a wonderful experience and everyone that went really enjoyed themselves. :-)


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