Tea growing near Pu Mat National Park at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Con Cuong (Pu Mat National Park), Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Not a very restful day off...

Yesterday was a day off. But there was no resting to be done.

It started off on a high note though... I checked my bank account first thing, and the missing $625 from the ATM rip off the other day had been credited back to my account. Not feeling so ripped off anymore!

A few of us were going to the big La Comer grocery store and Wendy had volunteered the use of her Class B campervan provided that I did the driving. But she needed propane as well, and one of the other rigs uses 20 lb tanks and one of them was empty. So I took Paul with me in Wendy's van and we got her van and the 20 lb tank filled as well.

Then, back to pick up Wendy, along with Ruth, Bob, and Denise.

And off to the La Comer to do some groceries and a bit of booze shopping. Managed to get 24 beer, 2 liters of wine, and a bottle of scotch... all for 450 pesos ($22 USD, $29 CAD). Between the people, the food, the prices, and the weather there sure is a lot to like about Mexico!

We got back to the RV park around 12:30pm and then had some lunch and before you know it it's 1:30pm and I still hadn't got any of my day off projects done!

So, I puttered away on a few things while Ruth was doing three different haircuts for members of the group. I got a drawer in the bedroom repaired, I replaced a broken latch on the outside, I greased all the fittings in the front end, I emptied the tanks and filled the fresh water.

And all of a sudden it was happy hour! Never made time to take any photos either!

Today is a driving day, but only 150 kms (93 miles) or so. The original plan was to go to the Atzimba Water Park in Zinapecuaro, but I looked at the route and it meant dragging the group right through the center of town. It didn't look like fun, so we kept things simple and I contacted a different water park that had been listed on iOverlander. The Puesta del Sol Waterpark got back to me quickly and were very welcoming, so that's where we're going. It's only for a stopover anyhow.

We'll be testing the group's dry camping abilities... won't be having any hookups for the next ten days or so when we arrive at Valle de Bravo tomorrow!

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  1. Don't forget those grease fittings on your driveshaft!

  2. A bank in the US would never be that prompt in refunding money!! The sun shined on your guys, thank goodness.

    1. Last time this happened our bank was slow and getting our money back in our account but this time it was fast. It could depend on what happened and how much investigation was needed. Also last time was almost six years ago so with new technology it could have made the process much quicker. All I know is that we are happy campers. :-)

  3. What a relief getting your money back, at least they were on the ball and it actually happened. I guess another lesson learned on exactly the maximum to take out on their machines (which is less than what they say is the maximum).

    1. Yes, it was a relief to get our money back. We really had no doubt that we would, we just thought it might have taken more time. Honestly, I don't think pressing the maximum amount on the machine made any difference because we always take out the maximum amount and haven't had that problem before. We just think the machine either malfunctioned or it didn't have enough money left in the machine.

  4. The Dry camping should be fun. Have fun and I'm glad you got your money back.

    1. Nobody should have a problem with the dry camping, we all have solar and they have a toilet and shower for us to use. We are looking forward to getting to our next location, it is one of our favourite places in Mexico. :-)

      We are happy to have our money back as well!


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