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Sunday, December 30, 2018

What a great way to start off the new year!

From November through February there are near perfect daily conditions for paragliding here in Valle de Bravo. And with the fantastic views, this makes Valle de Bravo a world class paragliding location. Every single day at this time of year they are paragliding off the top of nearby Monte Alto.

 And every time we've been here we've thought about going paragliding.

Yesterday, we went to the central area and put down a deposit!

We found out all the details on Friday, and came back to the group to see who else is interested in this adventure. Surprisingly, nine of our group of fourteen are going!

This will be us on Tuesday!

With a group rate of 1,500 pesos ($79 USD, $107 CAD) per person, we don't think we would ever be able to find a better price, and my mother had given us some Christmas money to spend. Thanks Mom!

We are going on Tuesday, January 1st... what a great way to start off the new year!

The odd things you see.

Funny dudes.

Valle de Bravo waterfront.

To the locals, it is simply called "Valle" (pronounced vah-yay).

Valle waterfront.

I had three chorizo tacos for lunch. I was stuffed!

In the late afternoon, back at the marina we had a birthday party for little Fatima (just turned 6).

Fatima loves her princess outfit!

Chago and Carmen supplied lots of food!


Chago, family, and friends.

And another piñata.

Go Fatima!

Collecting the loot.

Our group present to Fatima.

She definitely likes it, but it's not so easy with the princess outfit on!

Another fun day in Mexico.

Today, we're off to a state park about 30kms (18 miles) away that has a beautiful waterfall.

Record low price on the Jackery 240 Portable Power Station. And if you scroll down to "special offers", you can get a free Jackery Bolt iPhone charger at the same time!

And in Canada...


  1. I know this is an off the wall question, but do you have any idea about prices for places to rent? I mean, if a couple decided to expatriate there? I guess it would be an apartment, maybe 2 bedroom? No plans, just curious about it. Maybe one of your local friends has a ballpark idea? I can see why this is one of you favorite spots, it's beautiful!

    1. Valle de Bravo is an expensive area for property, however anything is available. You can spend 2,500 pesos per month to live in a basic place on the outskirts, or you can spend $3,000 USD per month with a waterfront view. And anything in between. Depends on what you want.

  2. Replies
    1. At the moment I would not go swimming in it, the other day it was covered in green algae but the local kids play in it and people are waterskiing and wakeboarding in it almost every day. The last few days it has been much better, not sure what was going on the other few days because that was the first time we had ever seen that green algae on the lake. The water is a bit chilly right now but I am sure in the summer the temperature of the water is much better.

  3. Look at that smile on Fatima's face. How wonderful!

    1. She is one happy little girl! She is always smiling. :-)

  4. This was a great party. I would like to know about the water quality as well, if possible.

    1. It was a very fun party!

      Not sure how good the water quality is in the lake but people definitely go swimming in it as well as water skiing and wakeboarding. It is chilly for swimming in at this time of year but the local kids don't seem to mind and for a few days there was a horrible green algae on the surface of much of the lake, this was the first time that we have ever seen that before but it seems to have disappeared now and it back to normal.

  5. Looks like you folks are having a fabulous time! I was wondering if you've experienced any anti-American sentiment in Mexico this year?

    1. We are having a fantastic time! :-)

      No, we have not experienced any of that, people have been very welcoming and friendly to us.


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