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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Another driving day in Mexico. San Luis to Guanajuato...

Planned on a 9:00am start, and the group was ready to head out at 8:55am! Gotta love this group, they are always on time. We said goodbye to our host Peter at El Faro de Peter RV Park and thanked him for looking after us so well. Despite the negatives of the place, we wouldn't hesitate to go back.

There is no easy way for us to get through the city of San Luis Potosi, so this is one of those situations where we know when it's best to take the toll highway (cuota) north around the city.

Fortunately, the tolls were not expensive and the road was in exceptionally good condition.

Nice toll road bypassing San Luis to the north.

Then, it was on to the busy 57D.

The 57D is also a toll highway in this section... it is the main north south route that also bypasses the city. Fortunately we weren't on it for very long because it's a busy trucking road. 

Then, we turned onto a secondary road, the 37 that becomes the 77 after San Felipe.

You can see that there was no blue sky.

In fact, it had been foggy when we first set out, and it didn't clear until almost lunch time. Fortunately, the afternoon turned out quite nice. Highs around 20C (68F).

Scenery along the way.

Still a bit foggy at 11:10am.

This is one of those highways in Mexico where you drive on the shoulder in both directions allowing others to pass through the middle.

Working in the fields.



We are going to be staying at Bugamville RV Park for 4 nights and there aren't any grocery stores within walking distance. Although, people can carry stuff back from the markets in Guanajuato if they wish. But it's better that we get stocked up, so we knew of a big grocery store in Silao that we could all stop at.

Parked up at the Soriana grocery store.

Outside the Soriana in Silao.

We took an hour and a half to do grocery shopping and have some lunch. Deal of the day? They had six packs of Carta Blanca beer on sale for 49 pesos each. For our Canadian readers, that works out to about $14 for 24 beer! 

From there, we hopped on another short toll road heading towards Guanajuato.

Almost at Guanajuato.
We are going to hike that mountain today!

Poinsettias for sale.

Total combined cost for the three toll roads was 297 pesos ($15 USD, $20 CAD).

Everyone made it to the RV park without a hitch, although I was a little worried at times that the group is getting separated too much. In past years, we have had people who wanted to go much faster than us, so it's a bit different dealing with a few people who don't seem to be able to keep up. But, we've only done 4 driving days together as a group and we've got about 25 more to go! I'm sure it will work itself out. 

Happy hour at Bugamville RV Park, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Yesterday's drive, 233 kms (144 miles).

Today is Guadalupe Day... a holiday here in Mexico. So we're going to put off our group visit to Guanajuato until tomorrow although some people are going to take the local bus into town on their own. Ruth and I are going to go for a hike up the mountain!


And in Canada...


  1. Did the owners of Bugamville ever
    Get his electric
    Issues dealt with and what about the internet?

    1. Apparently he has done something to improve the electric but it still isn't very good. A few of the group are plugged in but it has already lowered the power level enough that we aren't even using it to run our fridge, only our laptops. I guess it is a little better than before but not much. He does have internet now but again it isn't really good. It might be better if you are closer to the office but again as soon as more people get on it, it drops off.

  2. Eek, what if a cyclist is riding on that beautiful paved shoulder? Does every vehicle have to swerve left at 110km/hr to pass him!?

    1. There would not be any cyclists on the cuota highway. But we did see one on the secondary road, and no it would not have been a relaxing bike ride!

  3. Guanajuato is one of our favourite places, almost got a three month house sit there, it fell through, bummer!

    1. Yep, it is a very interesting city and it would keep you in good shape having to go up and down some the roads and alleys if you were a little higher up. Too bad your housesit fell through. :-(

  4. Funny isn't it? A country that, constitutionally doesn't mix religion and state, but today is a holiday for banks, government offices and schools. December 12th, the Virgin de Guadalupe. You will be seeing pilgrimages on city streets with dancers dressed in indigenous costumes and drums beating. What a great mix.

    1. But doesn't that happen in quite a number of countries that aren't "supposed" to mix state and religion?!

      We would have seen that had we gone into town on Dec. 12th but we just figured it would have been too busy that day, although it would have been interesting to have seen. Instead we went for a great hike. :-)


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