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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

It was a wonderful Christmas Day!

It started off with a bit of cloud in the sky for a change, but the lake was still calm, so I got the kayak all set up and we went for a paddle on the lake.

As a Canadian, some might say it's not Christmas Day without snow and cold... but we do not miss that at all. We think going for a kayak ride on the lake is a beautiful way to spend Christmas morning!

We set off around 10:00am...

There are a couple of other marinas on this lake where people have campers set up.

It's a busy place in the summer.

Beautiful day for a paddle.

Looking back at where we came from.

We went around this point and then headed back. 

Back at the marina, Ruth found a couple of puppies...

Yes, he's cute.

But no, we're not keeping him!

Fatima loves the puppies.

Kevin, Ruth, Carmen, Chago's mother, Raul, Chago, Maricruz, and Pepe

Chago's mother is 98 years old! She had nine children!

We had Christmas dinner planned for 4:30pm. All of the group brought some food, and we had a big pot luck affair. Ruth and I went and bought 10 roast chickens and supplied the meat for the dinner. All of our Mexican friends here at the marina were invited, and we had a Christmas fiesta!

Picking up the roast chickens!

Fatima dancing with Lynnette.
If there is music on, Fatima is dancing... and she's good at it!

The food is almost ready.

Looks yummy!

Christmas dinner!

Everybody enjoying the meal.  

Ruth made a typical English trifle for dessert and that went over really well, especially with our Mexican friends! They loved it! And Wendy brought a Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding with rum sauce... they loved that too!

More dancing. 

Enjoying a campfire.

And more dancing... Paco and Oti, and Bob and Denise.

The ladies dancing. 

Tons of fun.

There are always lots of laughs when Paco and Oti are around. What a fun evening we had. Pretty sure we showed the group a good time with our Mexican friends! It was a wonderful Christmas Day!


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  1. Now that was a fun Christmas day! Your dinner looks scrumptious!

    1. It was a great Christmas, definitely one that the group will remember for a good long time. Dinner was delicious! :-)

  2. What a fun Christmas there with all your friends and good food.
    Christmas is much better without the cold and snow we agree.

    1. It was an excellent Christmas! We are so glad that we could show the group what a local Mexican Christmas is like. :-)

  3. I like the bon fire wheel barrow! Merry Christmas to the whole gang!

    1. This way he doesn't burn a hole in his grass, and the fire is portable depending on the function that may be going on there, such as a wedding or some other kind of party.

      Hope you had a Merry Christmas! :-)

  4. The doggy is adorable. You should keep him. He would be so much fun.

    1. He is really sweet but no, we don't want a dog! We had one and loved her very much but for the traveling that we like to do a dog doesn't fit into our lifestyle at the moment, this is why I love to make a fuss of the dogs we we have the chance.

  5. I always find it interesting how parties are better in Mexico!

    1. That is because the Mexicans love a party and they love life in general and love to celebrate life! :-)

  6. So wonderful for Paco and Oti and all your Mexican friends to welcome us and ensure we had fun! It was indeed a very “merry” Christmas dinner. Thank you Kevin and Ruth for introducing us to them.

    1. We knew you would love this fun local Mexican experience and we knew that our Mexican friends would welcome the group the same way as they welcomed us so many years ago.

      We are so glad that you are enjoying yourselves here. :-)

  7. I had to Goog English Trifle....Now I want a bite....well maybe more than one??

    1. English trifle can be made many different ways but they are all delicious! :-)

  8. That delicious chicken beats the best turkey! The whole party looks like fun.
    Happy new year.

    1. I don't know, a good roast turkey is delicious too! :-)

      Everyone had a great Christmas, it was fun to celebrate it with our Mexican friends. I hope you and Bernd had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year.


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