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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Into Valle de Bravo for lunch, and evening birthday cake!

Yesterday was a day off for the group. Ruth and I needed to go into town to buy a birthday present and do some research on another activity for the group. We made plans to go into town with Roy and Sue, and while we were standing out at the road waiting for a collectivo (shared taxi) Garth showed up and he came along with us.

Pretty tough to get all five of us into a single collectivo because they usually already have at least 1 person in them when they come along, so Ruth and Sue took off in one, and the three guys waited for another one with a plan to meet up downtown.

And that's what we did. First stop was an ATM. The various banks in Mexico charge ATM fees in addition to whatever your home bank might charge you to get some cash. The fees are normally around 35 pesos ($1.80 USD, $2.45 CAD), but we have seen them as high as 80 pesos!

We found one bank that has very low fees! It's called Banca Mifel and the fee is only 17 pesos ($0.90 USD, $1.20 CAD).

We then wandered down towards the waterfront area.

In Valle de Bravo.

I forgot to bring the good camera, so these photos are all taken with the cell phone!

Valle de Bravo waterfront.

Yes, we do too!

We checked out a few tourist activities for the group, including the Chuchu Bus, which is a tourist bus that will take you to the nearby waterfalls that we missed the other day on our sailboat ride. Then, it was time for lunch.

We do not eat out very much when we are in the U.S. or Canada. We just don't find that it's very good value for your money. But here in Mexico, we make up for it!

Ruth and I each had a plate like this.

With tortillas and a glass of jamaica each for 150 pesos tip included. 75 pesos ($3.85 USD, $5.25 CAD) per person.

We went our separate ways after lunch, and Ruth and I went shopping for a birthday present. The group is invited to Fatima's 6th birthday party taking place this afternoon, so we all chipped in and bought her a new bicycle!

We had to go to three different stores to find the one we wanted, but we did. We're sure that she will love it! Photos in tomorrow's blog post!

Fatima's birthday was actually on Thursday. But the party is today. 

On Thursday, she had a piñata party with a couple of friends.

Sign her up for the Cubs!

There's the candy!

And last night, Ruth and I were invited to Chago's house for birthday cake. A few family friends were there as well.

Happy Fatima in her princess outfit.

Blowing out the candles.

But this afternoon is the real party. We're never sure what to expect with something like this... could be a subdued event, or half the village might show up! Should be fun anyhow!

Record low prices on all sizes of PNY 3.0 Flash Drives...

And in Canada...


  1. How nice ya'll chipped in to buy a bike for that cute little princess. What a wonderful gesture. :c)

    1. Thank you! We all thought that it was a great idea and we are sure she will enjoy the bike a lot. :-)

  2. You are wonderful people, Ruth and Kevin! She looks like she IS a princess...

    1. Thank you Kent, but the others all chipped in too! Yes, Fatima is a princess, her smile is infectious. :-)

  3. Happy birthday Fatima! What a nice thing to do for her as a group!

    1. Thank you Peter for Fatima's birthday wishes. We thought it was a nice gesture to the family, they have always been so good to us and they have gone the extra mile for the group as well to make sure we are nice and comfortable. :-)

  4. Happy birthday Fatima! Wow she is going to go nuts when she sees her new bike. Fantastic pictures of the butterflies too, btw.They are amazing creatures and really put the miles on. Much better than the snow I'm looking at out my window right now. I'm really counting down the days (18) and can't wait to go to Mexico. I think I might rent a car and check out around Valladolid and Ek Balam ! Never been before. Cheers and have a Happy New Year

    1. Thanks for Fatima's birthday wishes. We are sure that she is going to love this present.

      Glad that you enjoyed the butterfly pictures, they never cease to amaze us.

      Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful visit to Mexico. Valladolid is a really pretty town, there are also lots of cenotes in that area, if you like swimming. :-)

  5. Mexicans sure know how to party, no matter what type. My favorite place to be on New Years Eve is Mexico (other than at home in jammys in Canada) with all the fireworks

    1. Yep, they sure do! Our group is certainly getting their share of fiestas here. :-)

  6. I'm betting Fatima will never forget her visitors from up North, when riding her new bike..
    Did you also get some playing cards and clothes pins, so it will sound like a Harley-Davidson?

    1. No, I don't think she will! :-)

      We didn't need to get the playing cards and clothespins because there is enough stuff on the bike to keep her happy and there are cardboard wheel inserts that make really pretty designs as she rides the bike. :-)


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