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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A day off with some great views

Yesterday was a rest day with no structured plans for the group.

It started off with an unfriendly dog lose on the property. It turns out that he belonged to the owner of the property. There are actually four dogs here and we hadn't seen any of them out of their cages until this fellow was lose. Not sure why or how he got out, but he was not very friendly! I went out with one of Ruth's walking sticks and made my way to the owner's house to wake him up.

He came out and said "no problem, no problem"... but it was definitely a problem. Anyhow, back in his cage and out of the way.

I spent the morning installing an awning clamp on Sherman. There have been several times over the years where we've had a strong crosswind and Sherman's awning has become unfurled. I knew you could buy a clamp to stop the problem, but of course you never think about it until it happens again. Well, coming across Texas it almost happened again, and I said "I gotta buy one of those clamps"... and so I did. Finally got it installed yesterday.

Awning clamp installed.

And, I helped Barry and Jeannie clean their fridge burner. There are a couple of people in the group who simply didn't know that this is regular maintenance. I think theirs had never been done. There was so much crap in the burner that I can't believe it was still operating! I will do another rig another day.

So... a reminder to everyone... clean your fridge burner once a year... or more often if you normally run it on gas.

After lunch, we went for a hike with Bob and Denise and Scarlet the dog. We walked up to a mirador (lookout) first, and then through the town of Mexquitic and up a hill for another view on the other side. We ended up doing almost 6 kms (3.7 miles) so it was good to get out and get some exercise.

And, although the morning was cool and cloudy, the afternoon was bright and sunny!

There is the first hill we are headed up.

Nice view looking south from the top. 

View looking west.

Bob and the statue. 
There were no signs explaining the significance.

And, looking down on the town of Mexquitic.

The 520 year old church.

Interestingly, Mexquitic is actually older than the big city of San Luis Potosi. And the church that was built here is older than any in the region.

Inside the old church.

The municipal building was decorated with pinatas. 

We climbed up another hill looking back at the statue.

Peter had mentioned that there is a lot of trout in the lake, and we think this is related to the trout. 

Looking across to where we are camped.

Zoomed in, you can see the RVs through the trees.

We walked back across the dam. It is just barely wide enough for one vehicle.

We had happy hour and a driving meeting with the group at 4:30pm. Today is a driving day, and we are headed for Guanajuato. It is one of our favorite cities and we are looking forward to showing it off to the group!

A vermillion flycatcher.

Boy, do I ever love the zoom on the new camera! Fantastic. Looking forward to getting more bird photos when we are down around Huatulco!

See you in Guanajuato!


And in Canada...


  1. Nice! The lake was almost dry when we were there because they drained it to do some maintenance on the dam or something.

    1. We are glad that there was water in it when we were there then because it makes it so much prettier. We forgot to get a picture of the lake on the Sunday, it was packed with cars and families all having a good time and trying to fish and play games. It is so nice to see that. :-)

  2. Nice to get that awning clamp installed. Our 18 foot awning has a centre support that does a great job as well. Cleaning the burner on your fridge is a must as are so many other maintenance items.

    1. Kevin is so happy to have it now. It sure wasn't nice having it come undone on windy days that is for sure, now that stress has been removed. :-)

  3. What kind of camera did you buy? That bird picture is intense. Beautiful.

  4. Great photos and Mexico trip so far! Snowy, cold and windy today here in Canada. I spoke Spanish today with one of our local Migrant workers. He is not impressed with the winter here in Canada!

    1. So glad that you are enjoying our posts Scott.

      Bet you can't wait to get away from that Canadian winter, even if it is only for a short time. Nice to see you practicing your Spanish. We are sure getting to practice ours. :-) We don't doubt that guy wouldn't be impressed with the cold and snow, we wouldn't be either! ;-)

  5. Lovely little town - I'm always excited to see your next post because I know there will be plenty of great pics, with explanations. Strange, a statue with no explanation.... I have friends in your next "port of call" so am anxious to see your pics there as well.

    1. Thank you Carol! We are so happy you are enjoying our posts. :-)

      We did find out later the statue is of a local Mexican soldier that was a hero back in the day.

      I take it that you are referring to Guanajuato. I think this will be our fourth visit to this city. We really love it. Lots of interesting stuff to see.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kevin is definitely very happy with it. :-)

  7. A year ahd a half ago there was no water in the lake!

    1. We can't even imagine what it must have looked like then. It sure was nice seeing water in it when we were there. :-)

  8. That is a gorgeous photo of the Vermillion Flycatcher! We so loved seeing them in the southwest US, but we never got that good a photo. What is the optical zoom on your camera, again?

    1. Wow! Digital cameras have come a long way. I remember when we got our 12x zoom and were so excited. I think our latest one is 15x, a really tiny Nikon Coolpix, which is nice for carrying along on bike rides. But 83x!?!? I truly cannot imagine!

    2. Yep, they sure have come a long way! Kevin is really pleased with this one, even though it is a little bigger and a little heavier than our last one, it will still fit into the same camera case. He said that even with a DSLR with several lens, it won't get the zoom he has on this one unless you carried around a honking big lens which he had no intention of doing. If we go biking he is still able to carry it along in the bag over his shoulders, just like the other one.

  9. OK, Kevin, cleaning the fridge burner is something I've never heard of. We've had Tergel since 2011 and haven't cleaned it. How do you clean a fridge burner, and where is it, anyway?

    1. Easiest if you simply google "clean RV fridge burner" and look at some youtube videos.


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