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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Visit to central Matehuala and the doctor

A bit of a cold front going through this area for the next day or two. Overcast almost all day, and a high of about 17C (64F). But that didn't stop us from taking the group into the central area.

Matehuala isn't much of a tourist town... there's not really a lot to see. But they have an interesting cathedral and a typical market and for some of the group it is their first opportunity to see a small non tourist city.

And, we were asked to take two of the group to see a doctor. Brian and Kathy have a couple of nasty colds, and Kathy has had hers for a long time.

So we went up to the front desk at 9:45am and asked for them to order us three taxis. It's only a short distance to el centro, and it cost 50 pesos ($2.50 USD, $3.25 CAD) for the one way taxi ride into town.

We were dropped off at the cathedral. Ruth took the rest of the group into the cathedral while I went to find a doctor with Brian and Kathy.

In Mexico, for minor ailments it is easy to see a "medico". Most pharmacies have an attached doctors office. They normally charge between 25 and 75 pesos to see a doctor. It's very inexpensive. The doctor will prescribe any medication, and of course you pick it up and pay for it at the attached pharmacy!

About a 20 minute wait and we got in to see the doctor. Many educated people in Mexico speak at least some English, and this guy was no different. It took him a while to warm up his rusty English, but it all seemed to come back to him pretty quickly. I left them alone for their exams, because communication didn't seem to be a problem.

Total cost including the doctors visit and the medications for the two of them was about 660 pesos ($32 USD, $43 CAD).

Then, we went for a quick visit to the cathedral...

Completed around 1903, it has an interesting concave entrance with a big clock.

Looking back towards the entrance once inside.

The big clock as seen from the inside.

The stained glass had very vivid colors.

I put Brian and Kathy back in a taxi to the RV park so they could rest up for the afternoon. We don't blame them that they want to take part in today's day trip to Real de Catorce!

Ruth had been in the market with the rest of the group, and when I met up with them we went our separate ways. Ruth and I had to check on the bus to Real de Catorce.

We walked about 2.5 kms (1.6 miles) to the bus station.

We saw a fruit stand.

It's very common to be able to buy a big cup of mixed fruit. They will often put a chili powder mixture on the fruit, and it's delicious.

This one cost 10 pesos (50 cents USD, 65 cents CAD).

Scenery along the way.

An old house with a tree growing out of it!

A nursery... getting the poinsettias ready for sale. 
Very popular here at this time of year. In Mexico, they are called "nochebuenas"

We made it to the bus station and found the info we needed. No problem for the group of 14 of us to arrive at 7:30am and book our return trip on the 8:00am bus. I'll post the details in tomorrows blog post.

Then, we walked back to the RV park, stopping along the way at the Walmart.

A bag of apples, four large grapefruit, a head of lettuce, half a cauliflower, broccoli, and two green peppers for 129 pesos ($6.30 USD, $8.40 CAD). Most was bought at the market, not the Walmart.

And a bottle of my favorite blended Scotch for 114 pesos ($5.60 USD, $7.50 CAD).

So, a pretty successful day!

I've been meaning to tell you about the other three rigs in our group and I just hadn't got around to it.

So here they are!

Barry, Jeannie, and Maggie the dog.

Barry and Jeannie are from Huntsville, Ontario and you have met them before! They are the couple who ran the entrance gate at Cabri Park the last year that we worked there. So we already knew them and are happy they decided to join us for a Mexico adventure. Their RV is identical to Sherman, except two years newer!

Paul and Lynette.

Paul and Lynette are from Edmonton, Alberta. They were supposed to join us last year on the Cancun trip, but Paul had some medical issues he needed to get looked after. Fortunately, he has been cleared to travel, and we're happy to welcome them on this trip. They have the cutest little class C motorhome named Pauly.

And the last member of our group... Garth from California. 

Garth is a single traveler with his 2002 Trek motorhome. He also operates a travel blog, and you can find his perspective on our trip at Wandering with Serenity I haven't got a photo yet... but I'll include it here later today!

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And in Canada...


  1. nice to get the doctor taken care of quickly and hope they are feeling better soon.

    1. We hope that they are feeling better soon too!

  2. Get well soon Brian and Kathy.
    Love the fruit salad and the fruit and vegetables.
    Cathedral and town look interesting and you photos are so clear.

    1. Thanks Nora, we hope Brian and Kathy are feeling better soon too.

      We love buying fruits and veggies down here in Mexico, they are always so fresh and such a good price especially when we by them at the local markets.

      We thought the cathedral was very interesting too, especially the exterior. Kevin is loving his new camera. :-)

  3. Good to hear you are all having a good time so far. looks like a very interesting tour. Wish we were there with you. Maybe next time. Enjoy and stay safe.

    1. Yes, everyone seems to be having a great time, except for poor Brian and Kathy. Hopefully the medication will kick in and in a couple more days they will be feeling much better.


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