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Thursday, March 15, 2012


We didn't have much of a drive yesterday so we didn't leave Laguna Larga until almost 10:30am. The road heading down was very twisty windy so it's a good thing there was no traffic on it.

The thermal volcanic waters at Los Azufres are used to produce electrical power. There are several different power plants on the hill.

The road was pretty steep and Sherman did the whole thing in first gear so that I hardly had to touch the brakes. 

Lots of curves heading down from the mountain.

Only 44 kms (27 miles) took just over an hour!

You'll notice from the map that we're not very far from the city of Morelia. We bypassed Morelia last time we were in the area, and we've decided not to visit the city this time either. But it is a place we want to visit one day, so it can wait until next time.

The road was in good shape.

Coming down into the valley where Zinapecuaro is.

Arrived at Atzimba Water Park around 11:40am. The entrance to the campground was closed so I had to go to the office to get someone to open it. Cost was 150 pesos ($12.80) for the night, and we're only staying one night. We're not going to use the water park, just wanted to visit the small city of Zinapecuaro. Nobody else around, so we're the only ones here...for the time being. We're only about 1.5 kms from the center of town, so we went for a walk.

The church is nice and actually has some interesting stonework that's not visible in the picture. Worth a visit.

Looking down on the town from the gates to the church property.

Walking back through town, Ruth decided she needed a trim, so we stopped in at the hairstylist. Cut, blowdry, straighten, and style...for 50 pesos ($4.00), tip included!

Work in process.

Finished product!

Then we walked back through town, stopping at a fruit and vegetable stand in the market. I know you get tired of hearing about the prices here in Mexico, but I never get tired of it! We bought a cantaloupe, a cucumber, a head of lettuce, a bag of tomatoes, a bag of carrots, a bag of potatoes, and a broccoli. Total cost 38 pesos ($3.00)!

All this for only 38 pesos ($3.00)!

When we arrived back at the campground, we saw a bus parked near Sherman. Getting closer, we found out it was a school group with a whole bunch of kids around 6-7 years old. And we thought we were going to have the place to ourselves! Oh well...they were having fun and the noise stopped around 10:30 last night so it was no problem.

Sherman, parked up at Atzimba Water Park. Looks pretty peaceful right?

Except for the school kids right across from us. But they were pretty good.

We think we're going to do the 288 km (179 mile) drive back to Hacienda Contreras all in one day. Quite a bit of it is on toll road so it shouldn't take much more than five hours or so! Hopefully see you this afternoon, Barb and Sal!


  1. nice new hairdo, Ruth!..and what a deal at $4.00!!

  2. Boy those prices in Mexico are fabulous. No wonder you keep mentioning them. Campsites, meals, vegetables, fruits and now hair cuts. Looks good Ruth!

  3. Gotta love the prices in Mexico for sure. Can't beat them, just keep reminding us.

  4. Everything is such a deal ... when converted to dollars and compared to the prices here.

  5. Ok, see you then. If we are not here, we are at the new restaurant down the road for a rabbit dinner! Find a spot and pull in. Drive careful!

  6. look marvelous darling! The campground looks so peaceful. Enjoy your stay. ~wheresweaver

  7. Great campground! Safe travels today.

  8. The beauty of Mexico and the relatively low cost of living may cause a majority of US social security checks to be spent there over the coming years.

  9. Ain't she just the purdist thing now!

    And please don't stop printing the prices. I love the comparison. You are our inspiration.

  10. We stayed there in October and had the place to ourselves. It was very quiet that night. First night we got there late and stayed in the parking lot across from the front gate to the water park. Have fun!

  11. Never get tired of hearing of the prices in mexico, just another reason to retire there!!!!

  12. If I were there I would never get tired of those prices either. The veggies look delicious.It must be spring break around here because quite a few rigs, boats and families with kids arrived today. Won't be quite as peaceful but it doesn't bother us much either.

  13. Such great deals! Love your haircut Ruth.


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