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Monday, March 12, 2012

Apartment for rent near Valle de Bravo

Figured I'd do a little free advertising for our host Santiago. He has this nice little furnished apartment for rent at the marina, and it sits empty almost all winter. If we drive down in our little car next fall, this is where we will stay for a month or so!

Monthly rate is 2,500 pesos ($200). Comes with everything you need...

Fully stocked kitchen

Comfy bed. Even has satellite TV for those interested.

The balcony overlooks the lake.

Nice little spot.

Yesterday, Santiago and Carmen invited us for carnitas for lunch.

Their daughter Mariel playing on the trampoline and swinging on a branch of the palm tree.

Sherman's been parked here for over three weeks and it's time to move on. We're heading out this morning up into the mountains near Morelia and the overnight spot we have planned likely won't have internet access so you may not hear from us on time tomorrow morning.


  1. Nice looking apartment and a good price too.

  2. Cute apartment. THAT is the kind of thing that we're mostly leaning towards, when the day comes. Either that or there's this one place in Boqueron, Puerto Rico that we know about. Had a nice little pool, and a gorgeous view out over the Caribbean in the direction of Venezuela. My wife figures she still has enough contacts in Puerto Rico for such an arrangement. We'll see when that gets put to the test.
    But that's still not going to happen for just a little while longer. Details will be revealed as I learn them.

  3. looks like a nice little apartment!..and fully stocked too! that is a bonus!

  4. Nice spot and great price. Safe travels!


  5. That definitely is a bargain and the view is incredible.

  6. What a deal! I think my cable/internet monthly bill costs more than this apartment.

  7. WOW ~ great little apartment... what a deal!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. I'm curious about Morelia. We met a couple from there when we were in Ixtapa last month.

  9. I think that many such apartments can be found all over Mexico.

  10. That would be a steal in the USA...have no idea if that is a good price in MX or not. ~wheresweaver

  11. Just the view alone is worth more than the rent he's asking; what a deal.

  12. sweet place for sure and very very guys travel safe...!!

  13. Great apartment! I will put that area on my wish list of places to visit.


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