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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A day of rest

And, it was moving day. We said goodbye to Adrian as he left for work early and we just relaxed at his apartment until just before 1:00pm. Then, we walked to the metro to take the subway to our new couchsurfer host.

We had to change subway lines twice, and got to our destination well before 2:00pm. We had prearranged a meeting spot for 2:30pm so we went for a walk around the area and sat in a park for a little while. Then went to our meeting spot, and sure enough Edith drove up to collect us.

Edith and her husband Fernando live in a suburb in the south east part of the city. They have two daughters in their early twenties. We got to their house, and Edith set about making some food. While she cooked, we got acquainted. Funny co-incidence, but they visited Las Vegas last year and stayed with one of the couchsurfers that we will be staying with!

They are doing some renovations to their house and asked if we wanted to go with them for a drive to look for a replacement light fixture, so we went for a tour of the area. We went to a type of market where every store and vendor there had something to do with home repairs. Who needs Home Depot?!!

Toilet seat, anyone?

Sink, anyone?

We relaxed and chatted for the evening. Today we are off to Xochimilco because it is close to this end of the city.


  1. What a great header picture. I love all the colors of toilet seats - no just white.

    1. A nice travel day and more new experiences is great. Probably better prices than the Home depot too.

  2. I'm just catching up on blogs today. Such fun following on your tour of this huge city. I really like their version of "home depot"!

  3. Ah yes, "Home Despot". Good to see they haven't been able to put these guys out of business. Yet.

  4. LOL love the pics of the toilet seats and the sinks. It reminded me of San Pedro Sula Honduras. You have to go to many vendors to find what you want. Glad to hear that the couch surfing is working out. I have wondered about that.

  5. Why can't I find a sink dealer like that in America??? We are looking for the old fashioned sink with the built in drain boards. I spy them in your photos. I am loving riding along on your travels with you!
    Great job with details!

  6. After all that "clowning around" you deserve a day of rest. No Home Debto there I'm glad to see. Love the colors. Americans don't seem to have the right attitude about bright colored sinks and toilet seats!! Wouldn't the latter make great gifts for friends and family?? I'd love to see the looks on their faces over an orange toilet seat. Worth the price!!

  7. Love your header picture. Ruth looks like she is having a riot! Everyone around her looks like they are enjoying it also. ~wheresweaver


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