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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Six months in Mexico

Other than a week in Las Vegas, we have now been six months in Mexico. I'll do an update on our monthly expenses later, but we have proven to ourselves that we can live and travel the country quite comfortably here for under $1,000 a month.

Kind of thought our Spanish would have been better than it is. We can make ourselves understood if we have to ask a question about something, but sometimes we still have a hard time understanding the answer! It's actually a bit frustrating that we aren't better at it, but I think the older you get the more difficult it is to learn a new language. Must be because your brain is close to full by this age and it's tough to cram anything more in there!

Went into town and bought some groceries yesterday, but today is market day so we're going back this morning to get fruits and veggies.

Changed Sherman's faucet yesterday. Now the pump is fixed and so is the faucet. No more leaks! That's the second time we've had to change the kitchen faucet. It's no wonder...they aren't made very well. Even the expensive ones (you can spend $160 on a faucet for your RV kitchen!) are junk. This one was only $25 so we'll see how long it lasts!

Just relaxing for the next five weeks. Have some puttering around on Sherman to do, so we'll get that done and we'll go out and do some hiking and exploring nearby towns.

Another perfect day, down to around 7C (44F) at night, and back up to around 24C (76F) during the day.


  1. I only found your blog recently but I'm enjoying your adventure. Envy the temperature although I must say it's beautiful sunny day today in SK. Just not quite 24.

  2. Sad commentary on "quality" parts. You'd thing replacing the faucet once would be enough. At least you're handy and can do it yourself to save the labor (sorry, labour) costs.

    Goes to show that if you are not mecanically inclined before you own an RV, you will be after you buy one. :c)

  3. hope the faucet lasts!..but it seems that most things are throw away after some usage! quality in items these days even if you pay the big bucks!

  4. There are so many things that aren't made very well anymore. I guess they just want to keep us buying more stuff.

  5. Spanish! Yes, just wait until you are 66! My brain is running 3.1 software while kids are born with version 7 already installed. I am totally short of RAM as well, 40 Megs does not cut it any more. I need a brain upgrade.

    We have replaced three faucets so far and yes, they are junk. Our current one is leaking from the base if you do not have everything positioned just right. The good news is, you do not need a special RV faucet. Sinks are drilled to accept household style so one of those works.

  6. Don't beat yourself up about the language thing. If it's not in your long term memory, it will be a tough thing to conquer.
    Even though I have a Bachelor's Arts degree in German literature, I still find myself getting only about 95% of the average conversation. Sometimes less. There was a span there of about 35 years where I spoke not a word. Silly, I know, but my work life just didn't involve what I had studied for.
    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd move to a German speaking country.
    But, "Gott sei dank!" Most of the every day stuff is in my long term memory. *phew*
    Or I'd be screwed.
    You do have the benefit of being in an environment where it is spoken every day, and you are FORCED (mostly) to use it, so you have a basic understanding of day to day vocabulary.
    Oh, and believe it or not, writing stuff down is the key to retention. By using that other part of your brain, you stand a better chance of keeping it in there, even though you're only running the 3.1 version. So keep the paper and pencil handy.
    ...and keep the faith.

    1. Thanks for that Bob. I agree, I retain the info better when I see it in writing!

  7. Oh, and not everyone has what I call "Papagai Syndrome" (Papagai is German for Parrot)
    Not everyone can pick up another language. My darling wife gave up on her German lessons a long, long time ago. She relies on me. That's the name of that tune. Now, when it comes to facts and figures well, that's another story.

  8. Glad to hear you are back safely and Sherman has had his upgrades. Every guy needs some upgrades now and then I think. Some are harder to upgrade than others. Believe me, I know. :-)


  9. Total immersion is the key. Problem is, many Mexicans to practice their English and sometimes you just have to tell them no.

    Get away from gringos and English speakers for a month, that will do the job. Internet is loaded with practice and translation. Fine tuning the ear is the most difficult part. Listening to conversations in Spanish via tapes or CDs does the job. Listen-pause-repeat. You can do it! Also, just tell Ruth to speak to you in Spanish!

    1. You're right Chris. We will keep on learning...!

  10. Have you not reached your limit of how long you can be gone from Canada?

    I did a pretty good job with speaking and understanding Spanish when I was in college, but not any longer. :(

    1. We can be gone from Canada as long as we like provided another country is willing to have us!

  11. Don't feel bad about the language some people have a natural gift and others don't. Many that have lived exclusively in this country for many years still have not mastered English


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