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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deal of the day

We love going grocery shopping in Mexico. There's always something that stands out as the deal of the day! Yesterday, it was boneless rib-eye steaks!

Two smaller rib-eye steaks for 22 pesos ($1.76) each! Not sure why we didn't buy more for the freezer, but you never know for sure how good they're going to be until you cook them....and it turned out that they were delicious!

The two local dogs came over while I had the Weber grill out doing the steaks and potatoes. Guess they could smell the food! They are such friendly guys!

Interesting Mexican news, the price of gasoline has for the first time reached 10 pesos per litre in Mexico. Given current exchange rates, this is about the equivalent of $3.00 per gallon, or $0.80 per litre, which (especially for Canadians!) is still pretty good. But it's a little tough on the Mexicans who have seen their price of gasoline rise steadily over the last four years. When we first came here I think it was 7.5 pesos per litre, but the exchange rates were not as favorable for Canadians as it is now, so for us, the price of gasoline in Mexico hasn't changed....but for the Mexicans it has. 

But there seems to be just as many cars on the road as there was 4 years ago, so like Canada and the U.S., people just find a way to make do. I see people complaining about the price of gas rising again in Canada and the U.S., but people continue to drive at 65 or 70 mph on the freeways, so I guess it's not expensive enough yet!

Oh, and although there was a time change yesterday in most of the U.S. and Canada, the time doesn't change in Mexico until April now we are two hours behind Ottawa, and three hours behind Nova Scotia!


  1. Excellent price for those steaks, but like you said you never know how good they will be, especially on Mexico. And keeping the speed down does help at 55mph we can get 22% better fuel economy compared to 65mph.

  2. the steaks sure were a screaming deal!..glad they were for the price of fuel?..$5.15 a gallon here!!

  3. The best rib-eye I can get in my area is from Costco and it's usually about $8/lb. I just paid $4.35/gallon and I'm down to using the car every other day. I live where it's flat, so I'm riding the bicycle a lot lately. Pretty fun way to go, actually.

  4. The time change silliness just makes it that much more difficult to keep it all straight. Arizona (and Saskatchewan I think) don't bother. Seems to work for them. We change on March 25th, so for the time being we're five hours ahead of Ontario.
    I think you'd poop a little if I told you how much I paid for the two steaks that we had last night. The butcher cut them from a tenderloin, and as thick as I wanted.
    You can use your imagination. They were pretty damned awesome though.

  5. Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time, so we're in the same boat as you are. My mother's having a hard time understanding so I told her just call in the afternoon her time and there won't be any chance of calling too early :)

  6. We changed our clocks but next week we will be in Arizona and will have to change back. Luckily we have no schedule so it really doesn't matter :)

  7. I have so much trouble with time zones, let along DST and being in AZ where it doesn't change but keeping track of family where it does. But the kids are younger than us so they have to adjust to whenever we call them. We paid $3.99 for diesel yesterday. Probably the last time we'll get it for under $4.

  8. Two rib eye for that price? You gotta love Mexico!

  9. Tim body clock is different than the time clock. company I worked for had an office in Indiana right on the ohio border so some employees lived in Ohio...Indiana does not change time. Ohio does....boy was that confusing for ohio employees.
    Glad Ruth is getting her furkids fix.

  10. Here on Stone Island the butcher charges the same price per kilo whether you purchase hamburger or filet mignon!!


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