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Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday morning we waited for rush hour to subside and we hopped on the Metro (subway) at around 9:15am. We had to take three different trains to get to the North bus terminal where we took the bus to the Teotihuacan ruins site. Cost for the bus was 36 pesos ($2.88) each for a one way trip.

Teotihuacan is actually quite a bit northeast of Mexico City. From the house, it took us two hours and fifteen minutes to get there, so we arrived around 11:30am. Cost was 57 pesos ($4.56) each to enter the grounds.

We have been to a lot of ruins sites in Mexico. This one is impressive for two reasons. One, it takes up a very large area of land, and two, because it has the 3rd largest pyramid in the world. In the picture above, you can see the huge Pyramid of the Sun about 1 mile away in the center of the photo, and the smaller Pyramid of the Moon about 2 miles away to the left.

You can see the tiny people standing on top!

Yes, we are going to climb the steps to the top!

And we made it!

Sitting at the top of the third highest pyramid in the world, I had to make a comment on facebook!
 High tech meets the Aztecs!

The steps are quite steep. Most people use the hand rail, and we even saw a woman coming down on her bum! We wanted to do it without the hand rail!

Kevin and the Pyramid of the Sun.

The "Avenue of the Dead" is two miles long!

Ruth and the smaller Pyramid of the Moon.

Reconstruction efforts have been ongoing since 1964. Here, on the left you can see one of the structures being repaired, while the one on the right sits in it's original state.

Ruth, looking down the Avenue of the Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon.

We didn't linger too much. We are just about "ruined out"! Didn't visit the onsite museum because we have seen a lot of artifacts during our Mexico City visit. Took the bus back to the North terminal and took the subway home. Made it home around quarter to five. 

Our couchsurfing hosts, Edith and Fernando.

We enjoyed our time with Edith and Fernando and their daughters Fernanda and Brenda. Thanks for all the delicious food! You really looked after us! Looking forward to seeing you again some day.

We are headed back to Valle de Bravo this morning where Sherman is waiting for us! We'll relax for the weekend and then on Monday we'll take the week to make our way home to Hacienda Contreras in time for their Fiesta!


  1. wonderful photos...glad for pics from top because even if we ever make it there no way either of us could make that climb.

  2. There was no way I could do the climb, too steep and I was so worried about falling so milles gracias for the photos. It really is an amazing place, a different time in history.

  3. "High tech meets the Aztecs!"
    Ohhh geeesh!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. It hs been so much fun seeing Mexico City through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those are amazing ruins, thanks for sharing:)

  6. WoW! What a great experience at the ruins! I have so enjoyed your trip to Mexico City and area! Thanks!

  7. I have to say. I'm impressed. The scale of all the structures is the thing. Just mind boggling.
    Of course, the use of the computer on the pyramid did make me chuckle. That was a nice touch.
    I couldn't help but notice the cute lace curtains on the window of your couch surfing hosts. Almost seems like something I would have seen in a Dutch house. Is that a common thing, do you think?

    1. Not sure if the lace curtains are a common thing. We haven't really been in enough houses to really notice.

  8. What a hoot...The "Avenue of the Dead"...and there are people walking all over the place.
    I actually never knew how much history MX City contained. I just can't image what it took to build that pyramid. ~wheresweaver

  9. Love the picture of Mom looking down at the "Avenue of the Dead"!

  10. Thanks for the virtual trip ... hope to see it in person someday. I remember how steep the pyramids at Chichen and Coba are, and this one looks to be even more challenging.

  11. I really enjoyed this post and looking at all the photos. I would never be able to climb those pyramid stairs so glad I got to see pictures.


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