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Friday, March 2, 2012

A new adventure!

We are off to Mexico City this morning. We only have six days planned in what is one of the largest cities in the world! The metropolitan population is estimated to be close to 22 million people! So we will be taking advantage of every day.

We actually have a plan for the next six days. This morning, we take the bus from Valle de Bravo. It costs 130 pesos ($10.40) each for the two hour and fifteen minute bus ride. The bus takes us to the Terminal de Autobuses Poniente in the south western part of the city. It is only a short walk to the metro subway station Observatorio where we will take the subway only 3 stops to the National Museum of Anthropology where we will spend the rest of the afternoon.

Then, we look forward to meeting our couchsurfing host Adrian, who has an apartment near the historic central zone. There is a lot to see in "El Centro" and we'll be there until Monday. Then, we move to a couchsurfing host family in the south eastern part of the city for the last three days.

Everybody who we've talked to about Mexico City says they love it! We're excited!

On another note, longtime readers Doug and Nancy have finally left on their own adventure. They've been planning for a long time and I think they are going to be first time Mexican RV'ers! You can follow their travels here... Running Away with Doug and Nancy .


  1. Enjoy the big city,looking forwrd to some of your great pictures

  2. It should be an interesting adventure. :)

  3. I loved the metro. It is a rubber-tired subway. I also rode the metro in Paris.(same company) Don't forget lunch or dinner at the Boca del Rio.

  4. Another great adventure in a big city, enjoy!

  5. enjoy the adventures in the 'big city'!..I am sure it will be a blog worthy day!!

  6. 22 million eh? Wowsers. That's a lot of city. Should be a blast. I actually think I'd opt for public transit too, even though I've driven all over. Mind you, probably no worse that San Juan. Not sure.
    Have fun.
    Remember, Dramamine can be your friend.

  7. Enjoy the BIG city. So nice to have a private guide! ~wheresweaver

  8. WOW! 22 MILLION people? I guess I'll just let you do my visiting for me and I'll see it all through your eyes. Thanks!!

  9. Enjoy Mexico City!! We would love to see it. Probably won't make it this year but definitely on the list. As always, we will look forward to your report. Thanks for the plug about our blog! You are our inspiration!!


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