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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Barb was going into town anyhow and so six of us hopped in the pickup truck to go to the Saturday market.

The fruit and veggie guy at the market is busy and fun to deal with. He counts up your items and totals the bill so quickly he sounds like an auctioneer! Can't understand most of what he says until he comes to the final total, which is always so cheap.

Busy fruit and veggie stand.

When we were done, we decided to walk with Pete and Madeline back to the campground. It's about a half hour walk.

Spent a fair bit of time on the internet researching two items. The first one is our upcoming trip to Las Vegas. There is soooo much to do that is either free or cheap. And I found out which buffets offer the best value for your money and found some 2 for 1 coupons that will make them even cheaper. Also found a great website that lists best free casino gambling. Can't wait to go in and get our free money!

And free stuff to do? Holy cow we're going to have fun....

The other thing I was looking at is the possibility of buying a cheap old camper van for use in England and Europe. There are a lot of older vans available for well under 5,000 British pounds ($7,500) that would suit our needs easily. The plan would be to get it at a good enough price that we would be able to sell it for the same price when we're done with it. Just an idea for the time being, because we're still looking for a house sitting opportunity so if that comes up first then we'll scrap the camper van idea. We'll see.

Reader "Rob in Sask" says... Another great post, have become an avid reader! I was hoping you could share your thoughts on safety issues regarding travelling in Mexico in a small rv by oneself. Some people interested in your lifestyle are single, or have partners that are not comfortable with with full commitment to long term travel. Enjoy. 

Well Rob, we are of the opinion that you don't need to do anything differently in Mexico that you wouldn't do in Canada or the U.S.. We've met a few single RV'ers down here, and they don't seem to have any special issues regarding safety.

Today is the day of the big Hacienda Contreras fiesta! Looking forward to the food, the people, and the music!


  1. I think (from what I have read anyway) that the keys to being safe anywhere are
    1) don't wear flashy jewellery or clothes that make you stand out or show you have alot of money.
    2) don't get into confronations with the authorities. no matter who they are. avoid this at all costs.
    3) don't carry your real driver licence with you, just a photocopy (got that one from you!).
    4) try to avoid bad areas of town. If it looks seedy, it probably is better to move on.
    5) hooking up and making friends with locals is easy and they are quite nice. Also if you can hook up with others travelling that helps as well.

    Have I covered anything?

    Oh and HAVE FUN. :) that seems to be what you guys do best!

    Love the blog!

  2. Don't drive after dark.

    There are many precautions but all are just common sense. I have covered some security issues in my blog over the past years usually in the months of Sept & Oct. but overall we find Mexico more safe than the USA!!

  3. Thanks so much for the links. We will be in the Vegas area from April 16-possibly the first week of May.
    Purchasing the cheap camper van sounds like a great idea. We wish you luck with the purchase. ~wheresweaver

  4. Say hi to Pete and Madeline. I enjoyed my time on their spot.

    Also, your advise to Rob in Sask was right on. Nothing different. As an RV'er traveling single in Mexico in a small RV, nothing is different as far as safety compared to most of the rest of North America.

    1. We said hi to Pete and Madeline and they say hi back.

      Hopefully if Rob has any further questions about travelling single he could maybe contact you through your website and you could let him know how your travels have gone.

  5. Love those easily available and oh so inexpensive fruits and veggies!! Looks like you have Vegas all set up. I can't wait to follow along since I've never had any desire to go there. But you could change my mind.

  6. are you guys packed yet????? You gotta stop having fun there and get those duds packed for Vegas Baby..ohhh yeahhhh

  7. Love the idea of buying a used rv in England. That is what we want to do in Australia. This will be interesting.

    As for Vegas, you will be bombarded with coupons. Have fun..

    1. living.boondocking -- There is an RVer fellow on in the Travel Trailer section that communicates regularly with other travel trailer owners. His signature on line is RobertRyan. He could probably help you out with appropriate information, especially if you want to RV in Australia. Husband and I were there in 2000, but had neither retired yet nor started RVing. We only had 30 days and then had to return to work. It was a wonderful trip, but we did the trip with planes, trains, and buses. I drooled when I saw all those RVs passing us. You need plenty of time, because the continent is huge and in most places very primitive.

      Dee in South Carolina

  8. What a great looking market! Sounds like you have a fun time planned!


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