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Friday, March 30, 2012

What does a week in Vegas cost?

Well obviously there are a lot of variables. But it certainly doesn't have to be expensive, especially for first time visitors. If you've been reading our posts over the last week, you know that we kept very busy doing free things, although there is certainly the opportunity to spend LOTS of money if you want to.

We tried to do Vegas as cheap as possible, and I don't think it can be done much cheaper. We stayed with two different couchsurfing hosts, so we didn't have any accommodation expense, other than our thank you meals that we provided to our hosts.

We had a one week car rental through Fox Rent a Car that cost a total of $128.70. One of our readers had made a comment that the final bill wouldn't be that cheap, but it was. We didn't take any of the "extras" that are offered.

For food, we bought a box of cereal and a jug of milk so that was our breakfasts. And granola bars and snacks that are easy to carry around. And we bought food to prepare a meal for one of our hosts. And bottles of water. Then we used quite a few 2 for 1 coupons for buffet meals so that we could fill our stomachs once a day and only need a snack for later on.

For our one week in Vegas, here's what we spent...
  • Car Rental: $128.70
  • Gasoline: $51
  • Groceries: $42.81
  • Alcohol: $20.95
  • Restaurants: $152.25
  • Gambling: $13.00
  • Entertainment: $7.00 (LOL...who goes to Vegas and spends only $7 on entertainment?!)
A total of $415.71.

However, we won $205 because of the free money given to us by the various casino players clubs. So the entire week in Vegas cost only $210.71!

Of course there were other expenses. You have to get there, but that is different for everybody. Airfare for our particular trip was $550.

And we had some Mexican expenses for the trip. It cost 300 pesos to get to the airport, and 320 to return. And 240 pesos for our motel room near Guadalajara airport. And 100 pesos for Sherman to stay where he was for the week. So additional expenses of 960 pesos ($76.80).

So our entire trip cost was $837.51. Not bad for a week in Vegas! Now figure that we would have spent $250 simply living for the week in Mexico, so our actual additional expense for the whole trip was only $587.51.

We also bought a few items. The faucet for Sherman was $25.28. And we bought clothing that came to $118. But all that stuff had to be bought whether we were in Vegas or not, so can't be included as a trip expense.


  1. how to do Vegas on a 'dime'!..and you did it!!

  2. We're taking the RV to Vegas and I know we won't do it as cheaply as you did. But you sure did give me some good ideas. Thanks.

  3. Amazing. I know we certainly spent more than that our last visit there but you have shown me ways to save that i never thought of, thanks!

  4. I have to say that I've learned how to do Vegas now!
    Question about getting back into Mexico. Are you good for another 180 days? No problem that you just used up 180 days. I thought they were going to make it so they couldn't be consecutive but not so, eh!

    1. They didn't even look at it twice. I had only asked for another 45 days and they made it for 180 days anyhow!

  5. I've heard items like car parts, etc... are really expensive in Mexico compared to the US.

  6. Nice adventure, you really know how to stretch a buck! Interesting, the Couchsurfing concept.

  7. I can't wait to get back there. Thanks for the tour, looks like it was a good trip!

  8. You have given us a challenge. We will be parking in some park or other. That will be a few bucks but we are going to go as cheaply as possible. We will let you know how we do! Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  9. Its just amazing how much or how little you can spend going the certain places and still enjoying the whole experience. You guys are doing it right. Glad you had fun!

  10. You guys can certainly have fun on a budget! Love those two for one coupons, and loved your breakfast plan!

    Karen and Steve
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