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Friday, March 16, 2012

Back at Hacienda Contreras

Got a decent start yesterday morning, pulling out of the Atzimba Parque Aquatico in Zinapecuaro at around 9:00am. Found our way to the entrance to the toll highway that runs between Mexico City and Guadalajara.

We did about 170 kms (105 miles) on the toll road, at a cost of 380 pesos ($30.40). Again, toll highways in Mexico are fairly expensive, but in this situation it probably saved at least an hour of driving time versus taking the free road, plus less gasoline, and less wear and tear on Sherman and his driver!

Yesterday's drive 288 kms (179 miles)

Nice scenic drive though. Here's some pics taken from the toll highway...

Stopped at the big Soriana grocery store in Sahuayo. Didn't need that much because we leave for Vegas next Wednesday and we'll be gone for a week, but managed to pick up a few good deals. Couldn't resist a couple more boneless ribeye steaks for 32 pesos ($2.56) each!

Arrived at Hacienda Contreras about 3:00pm. Walked around and said hello to everybody, some people we have met before and there are also a couple of new faces. Seven other RV's here, so that's nice to see. 

Originally, we weren't planning on arriving until today. The campers had planned a dinner at a nearby restaurant for last night, and we ended up going with them. It was a bit of a special thing because they had pre-ordered rabbit to be the main course. I've never had rabbit before. It was okay, but there's not very much meat on those little critters. Why not just have chicken? 

From the left, clockwise...Ruth, Linda, Barb, Madeline, Pete, Sal, Heinz, Uli, Bonnie, Jim, Dale, Judy.

Nice view out the restaurant window.

Sat around with some of the campers last night. Had a nice heated discussion about Canadian politics. Maybe we'll talk about religion or abortion tonight!


  1. Those roads look really nice. Lovely view. Thanks for the answer my question yesterday. I think I am up to date now...hehe ~wheresweaver

  2. Thirty bucks for over a hundred miles is actually not bad. Not as good as the New York Thruway, but a heck of a sight cheaper than that abomination of a 407 we have in Toronto. I think it's something like 60 miles, and it's well over $30.
    Enjoy your stay.

    1. Yep, the 407 in Toronto is ridiculous. The last time we used it, we said never again!

  3. We would gladly pay that price for that beautiful drive. We were in Mexico so long ago when the roads were terrible. We are living vicariously with you and enjoying your trip. Thanks so much for a great blog.

  4. glad you made it safely..Vegas?..whohoo..won't that be fun!..remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..that is unless you post it here for the rest of us to see!!

  5. The only rabbit I am gonna eat is chocolate with cream filling. My Dad loves rabbit. have a great time. Angela

  6. Looks like a great group of campers. Nice to see the park that full.

  7. I love your mileage maps. Gives me a much better idea of where you're at. I wouldn't have gone for a rabbit dinner. I'm with Kenny and Angela - chocolate is the only kind. You do have some interesting and I bet exciting discussions.

  8. I understand how you weigh cost of gas and wear and tear vs toll costs. These days, fuel is figuring mightly into our travels, where we go and how long we stay.

    Those toll roads looke well maintained so hopefully the enjoyment of the drive reduced the pain in the wallet. ;c)

  9. Kevin, would it be possible to put some names to the faces at the dinner? Maybe I can put a name to the face once I see them. Would love to be there. Maybe in May.

  10. Is this a way Southern gathering of Canadians? :-)
    You need an Americano! I'll volunteer.

  11. good looking road to travel..well worth the toll price!!

  12. Another great post, have become an avid reader! I was hoping you could share your thoughts on safety issues regarding travelling in Mexico in a small rv by oneself. Some people interested in your lifestyle are single, or have partners that are not comfortable with with full commitment to long term travel. Enjoy.

  13. Have enjoyed reading all of your blogs!

    My question is what map do you use to show your routes? It looks like a great map of Mexico!

    Have a great time in Vegas. Been there for one night. That was enough!

    Also can't figure out my "URL!"



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