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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A fiesta...again!

Yesterday morning, Barb was going into town so we hopped in for the ride. Saturday is market day and we needed to stock up on fruits and veggies for the week. We went to the market and walked the 30 minutes or so back to the campground.

Found out that everyone was going into town for enchiladas last night. We've been to this place before, and they make the best enchiladas at 70 pesos ($5.60) per plate. Plus, there was a fiesta celebrating the towns 167 years of existence.

Spent the afternoon just puttering around. Had a nap, and did some polishing on Sherman. Went at 4:30pm happy hour with everyone here, and then headed out for dinner.

13 of us went out for enchiladas.

Then we sat and watched some of the fiesta. I thought it was different seeing Hawaiian dancing girls in Mexico!

But they also had Mexican dancing girls.

And of course last year's queen had to give up the crown...

To this years new queen.

On another note, last year at this time we were freezing up in Nova Scotia for the birth of our first grandson a year ago today. Can't believe how fast a year went by!

Happy First Birthday Cameron!


  1. Looks like you all had a great evening. Happy Birthday Cameron!!! Angela

  2. Hey! The little "shrimp" is a year old! These things always seem to slip by so fast. Happy Birthday to Cameron.
    The fiesta looked like a blast.

  3. WOW has it been a year since Cameron was born? Time flys!
    Great Fiesta pics!

  4. Happy Birthday to your grandson, Cameron! goes by so quickly!!

  5. You guys certainly do know how to party. Happy Birthday to Cameron.

  6. I love that market! I bet the enchiladas were delicious!

  7. You two just party, party, party...our kind of people...hehe.
    Carmeron is such a doll. I know I have said it before but say it again...what a cutie! Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  8. Wow that sure was a fast year. Keep warm there for a while longer yet.

  9. Time flies doesnt it....Happy Birthday handsome Cameron


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