Rough Atlantic Ocean at Essaouira, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ounagha, Morocco.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The animals at Hacienda Contreras

We enjoy the fact that there are some animals here at Hacienda Contreras. We call it the Hacienda Contreras Zoo!

Barb and Sal have three dogs, but one of them usually stays at the house in town. Right now, Osa is at the house and I don't have a decent picture to show you of her. The other dog is Niko, she's really gentle, but very shy. She has to get to know you first before you can pet her. And the third dog is just a puppy, she's Bella and she's about five months old.

Bella, with Niko in the background.

Niko and Bella waiting for a treat from Ruth!

Ruth and Don Quixote

Donkey is a real gentle guy. He used to have a job giving kids rides in town for a couple of pesos a ride. Now, in retirement, he just hangs around the RV park. 

There are also several cats here. They just hang around too. The one mother has had several lots of kittens and had a batch of them a few weeks ago. 

Ruth and the kittens.

The two have a kind of a siamese look to them. No idea who the father is.

Hmm. What is going through Niko's mind? Good thing she's friendly with the cats!

Okay, time to go vote folks! Another 153 votes registered in the last 24 hours, so thanks for taking 5 seconds out of your day to help us win!

If you don't see the "vote" button it's because it hasn't been 24 hours since the last time you voted. Please check back again later!


  1. Got the vote in this time around!

  2. Love the kittens! Have been voting but wonder why the number of views are double the votes??? Now I realise there will be some difference in views to vote due to timing but that is an awful lot of views that haven't voted, if you are going to have a look, it isn't too much trouble to vote!!! Have fun, Tony and Helen xx

  3. I have the same question as Tony.

    By the way Kevin you are correct, I can only vote once from our home despite multiple computers.

    Cute kittens.

  4. Every time we visit our entry, even just to check how many votes there are, it registers as a "view". And if you view our entry before your 24 hours is up to vote again, it will still count as a "view".

  5. I thought it was "Don Keyhote". Regardless, I guess the key is to remember to honor him with the "Don" title to show respect.

    (and I did my voting today...)

    1. His name is Don Quixote but you pronounce it like you have written it.

  6. I just voted - 1239 total as of 11:36am, Monday East Coast time.

    Now this is weird - yesterday morning I voted. Last night, I clicked to see how many votes and the VOTE sign was showing so I voted again. Now this morning, the VOTE sign was out again so I voted again. Basically, I cast 3 votes in 24 hours!

    I think the view total is more because just like me, after I vote, I usually go back and click on the website again to see if my vote counted.

    Love the pet pics - soooooo cute!

  7. Ruth really has their attention w/ that treat.
    the cats they have to they feed them chow or are they the official Mice/Critter Patrol
    BTW Ruth, are the highlights new....looks good.

    1. Hi Donna, Barb does feed the cats but not too much as they are on mice/critter patrol here. They must be good at it because we certainly haven't had any problems with mice and such.

      As for the highlights I can thank the sun for that! :)

  8. Viewing and voting or voting and viewing. Either way, what a smooth combination!

  9. There's another vote from Mr. Anonymous. All these years following your travels in Mexico.....least I could do.

    1. If there was a "like" button here, we would press it. Thanks for your support.

  10. OMG those kitties are awesome! Love the header photo. to vote. Good luck.

  11. I've voted again for you. You deserve to win. What gorgeous looking kittens!


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