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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interesting stuff

Guatemala, Romania, and Bulgaria. What do these three places have in common? They are all on the list of the 50 cheapest places to live in the world.

I came across a couple of interesting websites yesterday. The first one is which compares the cost of living in various cities and countries around the world. It does have a "pay" section, but there's a lot of free information as well.

The list of 780 places includes cities and countries in general. It takes into account a basket of cost of living expenses. The most expensive countries? Japan, Switzerland, and Australia are among the top ones.

And another website I found gives you the cost of goods in other countries and even puts it into your own currency. Very useful for figuring out expenses if you are traveling to another country. 

Where we are in Mexico, a dozen eggs is about 87 cents. In Ottawa, Canada it's about $2.98 and in the United Kingdom it's almost $4.00. How about $7.00 a dozen in Zurich, Switzerland!

Neat stuff, but even in expensive countries there are deals to be had. We just booked our bus trip from London up to Wakefield, England for a total of £3.25 ($5.50) each for the four hour journey. Our friends Glen and Steve told us that booking bus or train travel in the U.K. is often cheapest when done far in advance and it seems they were correct.

Another great voting day yesterday with 236 votes registered. We surpassed the 3,000 mark yesterday afternoon and are now within spitting distance of the leaders and we should surpass them within four days!

Thanks for voting...have a great day!


  1. That header photo made me slightly nauseous!!

    Great info on that website re the cost of goods in different countries.

    Off to vote.

  2. Awesome picture of the Cabot trail. We have travelled it a couple of times and counter clockwise is the only way I could handle the heights.

  3. I love that photo. Beautiful road.

  4. Great cost comparison information. Thanks.Voting every day....

  5. Nice header!
    Interesting information on cost of goods etc. in different countries. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Have voted again for you! Glad it's going well. Incredible how much prices vary in different countries!

  7. Ahhh Cape Breton. We were supposed to be there this summer. Glad to see the photo. Can't wait for you to take over the lead.

  8. Have to say that we often disagree with these types of figures as we find countries that are suitable for motorhome travelling often work out cheaper than those that don't. For example we still travel cheaper in a motorhome in Australia than backpacking India using basic public transport.


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