Rough Atlantic Ocean at Essaouira, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ounagha, Morocco.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading south in Morocco.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What have we been up to?

Not much, which is why for the next month or so we will be profiling some of our favorite pictures over the last 4 1/2 years. Every day will see a new picture from the past as the header.

But, we have been doing a few things. Lots of time on the internet preparing the changes to the blog. You almost have to be a computer genius to figure out some of this stuff, which is why a lot of people pay someone else to design a website. But I'm confident I'll figure it out.

Ruth went for a walk the other day to the waterfalls outside of Mazamitla. She went with fellow campers Michael and Bailey. We have been twice before, so I didn't go.

Bailey and Michael

Of course yesterday was Good Friday. What was "good" about it I have no idea because if you look at the events that were supposedly the reasons behind this celebration, I can't see what was so "good" about it! We decided to go into town to watch the local carrying of the cross and re-enactment of the events that supposedly took place at that time. 

The procession coming up the hill

One of the Romans. Did they have female warriors back then?

I think half the town was there. Maybe more. 80% of Mexicans are Catholic, so it's not surprising that Easter is a big event.

I don't have a religious bone in my body, but I like to experience the way different cultures do things. It was an interesting ceremony.

We are still enjoying happy hour with the campers. Around 4:30pm every afterrnoon we all get together for a drink or two and solve the world's problems. Last night was a beautiful evening and we sat around the campfire for a while as well.

Okay, it's time to go vote again!

After 24 hours we had almost 150 votes. The contest doesn't end until June 7, so if we can get that many votes EVERY day, we can easily surpass the leaders! I guarantee you that if we win we will be the only ones to buy a campervan to explore Australia, which is the only way it should be seen! And you'll read all about it here!


  1. Were hitting the vote button everyday for you, Hope you can be the lucky winner. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. A little history lesson if you don't mind: The term "Good Friday" is only used by Western Christians, and not by Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox refer to this sacred day as "Great and Holy Friday."
    Christians believe the day is "good" because the message of Easter is of Christ's victory over sin, death, and the devil; as the Apostle Paul wrote: "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us."
    Religion is a man-made ideal. You don't have to have one "religious" bone in your body. Just believe that Jesus is God's son and he saved you. Pretty simple really.
    Love the header picture. Looks so peaceful. Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

    1. I too don't have a religious bone. Seeing how religion is used to justify all sorts of nastiness in the world has cured me. It is always 'My belief is right, yours is wrong'.

  3. I'm on that voting button daily! I really hope you win, I can live vicariously through your blog in Australia!
    that would be awesome.
    It's how I would travel through that region too, is there any other way to see it?

    Not really. Not for me anyway.

    I don't like being a tourist, I like being an explorer.


  4. Love Wild Blue Yonder's comment.........."I don't like being a tourist, I like being an explorer". My thoughts exactly which is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. Good luck on the Australian win!! Doing my part.

  5. Voting every day, I want to be able to red about all those Aussie experiences!

  6. Mention a religious opinion and prepare for "responses".

    I was in Costa Rica and Mexico for a couple of Semana Santa sessions....the character of the places changes dramatically for these days.

  7. we have actually considered trading motorhomes with either an Australian of a New Zealander after we reach our saturation point of exploring the Americas...

  8. This time it let me vote. Last time it didn't work. I'll keep checking every day. Never hurts to put in the reminder link though.
    Maybe the last time didn't work since not a whole day had passed?
    Between Mexico time, Vienna time and Aussie time, I have no clue.

  9. Don't have a religious bone in this body either ... but we really enjoyed the pre-Easter procession of Senor de Los Temblores in Cusco, Peru a few years ago. Plaza de Armas was packed to the gills with not an inch of space to move. We watched the whole affair from the comfort of a booth in front of a small balcony in an Irish Pub overlooking the plaza. It was great.


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