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Monday, April 23, 2012

Out exploring!

Yesterday, we went out exploring with Sal and Barb. We hopped in their pickup truck and went for a drive. There's still a few areas around here that even they haven't been to, so it was new for them as well. (And finally, some pictures!)

But first, we stopped for lunch. There's a little taco stand near here that's quite busy so it must be good.

Sal and Barb at Pepe's taqueria.

And it was good! We had two tacos each and Ruth said that one would have been enough. Total bill for the four of us was 124 pesos ($10.00).

Then we headed south towards Lake Chapala. 

Scenery along the way.

When we arrived at Lake Chapala, it was at the town of Tizapan. We carried on along the coast for a little while where we stopped at the town of Tuxcueca. There, they have an old church built on a hill overlooking the lake.

Old adobe built ruins at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the church.

Other side of the ruins. Notice the cactus growing out of the top!

Sal and Barb walking up the big steps.

The old church on the hill.

View of Lake Chapala from the church.

Then we drove inland from the lake, heading for the town of La Manzanilla de La Paz. We had heard of a waterfall about 5 kms (3 miles) from there and wanted to check it out. The waterfall is called Cascadas de Concepción de Buenos Aires. There's not much water at this time of year, so we weren't expecting much. But they were nice, there's a restaurant and bar there and it would be beautiful during rainy season. There are actually eight different waterfalls, and there is quite a drop. Coming along the short path, you come to a beautiful view.

Ruth and Kevin and Jalisco scenery.

One of the eight waterfalls. But not much water at this time of year!

The bar is built into a natural setting. Kinda neat, huh?!

Made it back to Hacienda Contreras just before supper. Had a great day out exploring with Sal and Barb!

Our exploring route for our Sunday drive. 129 kms (80 miles) total.

And you know what time it is? Time to go vote!


  1. Looks like another great day exploring and a tasty lunch as well.

  2. great new header shot!..that one is a keeper!!!

  3. What a great day you had with your friends. I agree with Sun and Doug...that is great header photo.

  4. Thanks for the voting reminder. I might have got there, but there's always the chance I'd forget. Not good.

  5. Voted and love that steps picture! Sounds like a wonderful day with friends. I think to myself, that everyone I know, other than those whose blogs I read, goes to work 5 days a week and all we bloggers get to do whatever we want like you did today. Boy are we all lucky!!

  6. Itsn't it funny how you can live somewhere and very close by there are great sites you've never seen? Loved the photos, that was a long walk up to the church.

  7. Woohoo up to 2800 votes. As usual great pics


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