Rough Atlantic Ocean at Essaouira, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ounagha, Morocco.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading south in Morocco.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


First, I have to apologize for the advertising yesterday. Some of you will have seen two posts show up here that were not normal. Some of you even warned that our blog might have been hacked! But it wasn' was just us earning some income.

Trying out a new "review" service. These guys pay decent money, but I doubt it will be very consistent. I guess we'll see. For now, what they paid us for the two reviews I did yesterday was worth our while. Sorry if it's annoying, but we don't clutter our site with any other advertising so once in a while when someone offers us decent money, we grab it!

Reader Sherry asked for a photo of where we are parked up right now. Most of you already know that we are at Hacienda Contreras RV Park, but we are the only RV'ers here. It's nice and peaceful and has given us a well deserved break in between our travels to Las Vegas and our upcoming trips to Chicago and then Ottawa.

Sherman, parked up at Hacienda Contreras.

And, looking in the opposite direction.

There's been a little bit of work going on at the campground. Some of the regular campers who stop in here every winter like to have a concrete patio at their site so they pay the partial cost of having one installed. 

Here's one being installed at Paula and Jerry's site.

Two weeks from yesterday, we leave for Chicago. Time seems to go by so quickly, so we've started getting Sherman ready to be left alone for a few months. The plan is that we will return here in late September or early October, but who knows. He will have to sit it out during rainy season here so we have to check and make sure that no leaks will develop. And we want to move him to a different spot and drive him up on concrete pads so that he doesn't sink when the earth gets too wet.

Another good day voting! We're getting over 200 votes per day, so thanks for keeping at it! Should break the 3,000 votes mark today, and at the current rate we will overtake the leaders towards the middle of next week.

Keep it up guys, thanks!


  1. That is a great idea of the campground to allow those pads to be poured. How nice to allow the renters to be more comfortable.
    I really like the header photo. I don't believe I have ever seen that one before.

    1. Because we aren't traveling for another two weeks, we are putting our favorite pics from the last few years up as the header. A new one every day!

  2. Thanks for the pics of where you are right now. All alone sounds so terrific to me with the boom box brothers parked next to me at the moment.

    Wish I'd thought to make a list of all the great spots your header pictures have been showing. Amazing spots you've been in!

  3. thanks for the voting reminder. Done.

  4. I may not comment every day but just wanted to let you know I am voting every day. I really want you guys to win this trip so I can see all your pictures.

  5. I like having a concrete patio...makes things a little cleaner especially when coming into the RV.
    Gotta go vote!! Have a great day!! :-)


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