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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mexican politics and a house for sale

Okay, so not very interesting travel topics. But with a general Federal election coming up on July 1st, there is a lot of political activity going on in Mexico, and last night we attended a political dinner with Barb and Sal.

There are three main political parties in Mexico. The current President, Felipe Calderon is leader of the PAN party which is a right of center party. The PRI party is considered a centrist movement, and then there is the left wing PRD party. I'd tell you what all of those initials stand for, but it wouldn't mean anything to you. At least it doesn't to me! The person running for the PAN party for President is a woman. Argentina now has a female president, so we'll see what happens here.

Last night we went to a presentation put on by the guy running for governor of the state of Jalisco. He is with the left wing PRD party. There was free food, so there were quite a few people there. We think most people were there for the free food and many people brought their whole families so there were lots of kids running around. It was sure different than anything like that in Canada.

The PRD party has never been in power on a federal level so they don't have very much money. Many people think the other two parties have lots of money because they have been in power in the past so they have had lots of opportunity to rob the system!

It will be interesting to see who wins in the July 1st election because the two leading parties are very close, and it was also a very close election six years ago. (Edit: a new poll was just released this morning showing the PRI party with a big lead.)

Wanted to help out fellow bloggers Karen and Steve who have put their house up for sale. Never know who might be reading that wants to buy a nice place in Wisconsin for only $179k. You can view it here. They are going to go travel and live full time in their motorhome when the house sells. Never know, maybe they'll make it down to Mexico one day!

Speaking of's time for you to do so! We had a good day again yesterday, garnering 179 votes. We are in second place, and at the current rate we will overtake the leaders around May 4, so keep it up!

Click on the link and then click the "Vote" button. Very simple and it won't take you 5 seconds.

If you don't see a vote button, it's because it has been less than 24 hours since your last vote. Please check back again later! Thanks for helping us win!


  1. Voted!!
    I saw the post on Karen's blog about their house. It sure is a nice house for the money!! Lots of land and wonderful views. They shouldn't be on the market long!!

  2. Sounds like the PRE party spends all their money on food.


  3. Voting done. Thanks for making it easy by including the link.

  4. My voting is done for the day and I think that was my only chore!! We should be seeing you late next week....

  5. Did my voting duty just now. Gotta say though, I draw the line at snakes. Can't quite explain it. Just not my cup-o-tea.

  6. As a reference, of the most violent cities in the world, five are in Mexico and those five are governed by the PRI. Sad commentary considering the PRI drove the country into the ground for 70 years.

  7. I hope all my votes are going through because each time I vote this is what I get
    Votes: 0 Comments: 62 Voted
    Is this normal?
    Very interesting about the free food...USA would NEVER do this unless one would pay somewhere around $1000/plate.

    1. Yes, this is normal. Once you vote for some reason it zero's out. If you were to refresh the page you would then see the total and you wouldn't see the vote button, instead it would say voted. Thanks for voting!

      Things are definitely done differently here in Mexico.


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