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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planning for Chicago!

Our next trip is to Chicago. We fly there from Guadalajara on May 7 for a three to four night stay. I was looking at some different attractions and was hoping to get opinions from anybody who has been there.

We won't have time to visit everything that Chicago has to offer, so here's a list of possibilities...
  • The Adler Planetarium.
  • The Architecture River Cruise
  • The Chicago Greeter Tour (free)
  • The Chicago History Museum
  • The Field Museum of Natural History
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
  • The John Hancock Building (100 stories)
  • The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears tower, at 108 stories)
  • The Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Macy's on State Street (the second largest department store in the world) (free)
  • Millennium Park (free)
  • The Museum of Science and Industry (the largest science museum in the western hemisphere)
  • The Navy Pier
  • The Shedd Aquarium
Some of these things are quite expensive, so we may have to limit our adventures to what is affordable. And of course the free stuff we will take advantage of. And I've been to a White Sox game with our son's baseball team, but I'd love to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I notice they are playing an afternoon game vs the Braves on May 9th, so we'll see!

Any other suggestions? Opinions on any of these places?


  1. We haven't done any of the events you have listed because we haven't been to Chicago...yet, but our daughters have done several of them. The said DO NOT MISS The Architecture River Cruise. Now they are only 27 and 26 but loved it. Neither know much about architecture but said it was a fabulous tour.
    The really had great time at Millennium Park. Said it was so beautiful...they were there in June.
    They visited a bar on The Navy Pier and of course loved that experience. Said it is a beautiful setting.
    Hope this helps. Enjoy your planning. Also, really nice seeing Whiskey in the header picture. ~wheresweaver

  2. Kevin
    I would skip the zoo. It is a nice zoo but there are lots of zoos around. Most of the other sites are one of a kind. For sure don't miss the science & Industry museum.

  3. Check out each museums web site as when we were there each one had a free day. The only down side to that is that it will be the day the schools bring groups in but it sure saves a lot of money. Its been awhile since we did this so not sure it is still that way but worth checking into.

  4. Never been to Chicago, but apparently my wife has an ageing Aunt there. Huh? Huh?
    OK, never mind.

  5. Agree with kehler about Lincoln park zoo. If you want to zoo, go to Brookfield Zoo, much bigger, at the edge of the city near Loyola University. Definitely the planetarium, you feel you are really under the stars.

    You gotta get pizza!!! Real pizza! Several good places in Chicago for pizza, I wanna go....

  6. We were there many years ago with our kids and really enjoyed the planetarium, aquarium and Science and Industry Museum. Millenium Park is great to walk around and just take it in and enjoy on a nice day. A stroll down Michigan Avenue is interesting. We did the Sears Tower and that was also fun. I'm not at all a shopper, but I find it fascinating to see what people will spend oodles of money on. Cheap entertainment for me :)

  7. Visited Chicago for a conference several years ago. Went to the Science & Industry Museum with a group of women and we had a wonderful time. The two I remember most were visiting a coal mine - actually went down on some sort of car....and a display on the blood system in the body..of course I was there with a group of nurses and would remember that! Nice city to visit !

  8. I grew up there. There are many things you can do. I used to enjoy taking a date out to the observatory with wine and cheese and sit on the rocks and view the city. Also rid the El (ELEVATED) around the "Loop" (its an experience. For sure visit "The Ovengrinder" restaurant across from the valentines massacre (not there anymore) on clark street. It is the most unique pizza you have ever tasted. Yes do see the zoo . Its FREE. Also a visit to the flower place (I forget what they call it) north of there about 50 yards. Its also FREE. BTW I am a long time reader living in California. You guys rock. Jim M.

  9. Thanks for the comments and advice everyone! Think we will likely skip the zoo even though it's free, but only because we just did the Mexico City zoo. And I think we will have enough to do in the short time we're there. The Science & Industry museum sounds like a must-do, and the Ovengrinder restaurant is now on our list!

  10. hi Guys!
    I'm a Chicagoan and would love to give you some tips just contact me on twitter @jenny_smythe

    1. Hi Jenny. Unfortunately, we don't have a twitter account. Have not yet been able to bring myself to "tweet" someone!

      Having said that, send us an email at [email protected] and we can talk...maybe meet for a coffee in the windy city!


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