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Sunday, November 28, 2010

San Miguel (day 3)

We had planned on getting a nice early 8:00am start for our hike up to the mirador (lookout) over the city of San Miguel. But, these things never seem to go quite as efficiently as we plan, and it was 9:45am by the time we left Sherman and Whiskey behind.

But, first I have a food comment to make…

This is why we don’t eat in very many restaurants. We bought these steaks for $9.00 for the two of us. I cooked Ruth’s birthday dinner. It was great. The steaks were perfect, and so tender. We both agreed that a restaurant meal could not have made steak any better than this. Not patting myself on the back (well, I am I guess!) but Ruth had a really good birthday dinner!

Anyway, back to the hike. Whiskey could have done the hike with us, but it was all on cobblestone streets in the city. It’s not really the nicest for walking your dog. There’s not a lot of grass or anything like that. And if we saw a building or something we wanted to go into it was just easier this time to not have Whiskey with us.

It was a fun walk though. The streets are so interesting…cobblestone laid, and only wide enough for one car. Sherman would not have been able to drive on these streets! And very steep! Have a look at this picture…I tried to take it so the doorway was level in the picture so you can see how the car is parked. Better have a good emergency brake!

Made it to the lookout, and the view was worth the effort.

Then on the way back, we stopped in at the other RV park to see how Les was doing. He fed us some orange juice and cookies, and we made arrangements that Les would stop by and visit us this evening.

Back at Sherman, we had some lunch and then I got motivated enough to wash the roof. It’s a big job to scrub the roof, and you’re supposed to do it three or four times a year. I have been negligent the last year, and the job was well overdue. So I just got up there and did it. The roof itself took about an hour and a half and I’m sure that my muscles will remind me of that tomorrow! But when I was done the roof, the rest of Sherman needed a bath too…so I kept on going. I think it was close to 5:00pm by the time I was done. While I was looking after Sherman, Ruth was doing some laundry by hand, and she also defrosted the fridge and freezer.

Ruth made a great Thai Yellow Chicken Curry for dinner, and then Les came over for a visit. We talked about our route and other places to visit along the way. We also told Les about our experiences with and because these are such interesting ways to take advantage of inexpensive travel.

We’ve enjoyed San Miguel, but it’s time for a change of scenery. We'll be moving on Monday morning.


  1. Good to see you got some sightseeing, hard work and then a relaxing visit all accomplished in one day, Don't blame you for leaving Whiskey home, he probably got a great nap on the couch while you were gone and then gave you the Oh boy Mom & Dad are home routine, always good for a treat, Rigg's has learned it and is passing it on to Sadie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Hi Ruth Kevin and Whiskey,
    Glad to hear things are going well. Did Les speak about his "incident" at the Pemex, how's he doing after that? Love the Beware of Dog sign on your window...we have Jack Nicholson's picture from the Shining.... "here's Johnny"! We get lots of comments and when we're away from our RV we always make sure they see dog bowls and leashes outside. Take care and I'm sorry about your Dad. Mojo says hi to Whiskey and to tell him there's lots of snow here and he's happy.
    Kelly & Mojo

  3. I agree with you on the steaks. We have been disappointed so many times eating out not to mention the cost. We like our food best too!

  4. WOW nice steaks! Ruth sure gets spoiled!
    Love the pic of you washing the roof, one of those things you just gotta do!
    Better than shovelling snow! (like we did today! ugh).

    Where you off to next???

  5. Laundry by hand? You can do that???

  6. Your dinner looked terrific, at first I thought it actually was a restaurant dinner!

    What a huge cathedral in the middle of San Miguel and your picture from the viewpoint really made it stand out.

  7. Sam and Donna...Yep, Whiskey's favourite spot is on the couch or in my passenger seat and yep, she is always happy to see us come home. She knows she gets a treat for being a good girl and guarding Sherman while we are away.

    Kelly and Mojo...Yes, Les did tell us about what happened but he is pretty OK with it now. I think the sign works pretty good and the Mexicans know what it means even though it is in english. I think yours sounds scarier, I wouldn't want to mess with Jack Nicholson.

    Thanks for your kinds words and Whiskey says hi to Mojo. She likes the snow too and will try to dig herself a tunnel in it, but I think she likes running on the beach better and that should be in another few weeks!

    Chris...Thanks, they were so good.

    WBY...Yes, I was spoiled, Kevin did a great job on them. Washing the roof is much better than shovelling snow. You gotta sell that house! We are headed for Guanajuato on Tues.

    Diana...Sometimes you just gotta do want you have to do. I would rather do that than have a regualar kind of job.

    Rick and Paulette...That dinner was so good, I can't believe it. It's a beautiful church, the inside was very nice too but not as ornate as some we have seen.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  8. Ditto on the steaks, love to cook 'em myself!

  9. trkdrivinfool...Thanks, they were delicious!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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