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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dallas, Texas (day 2)

Just a relaxing day. The weather wasn't the best, so we did a little running around, and played cards.

Don and Joanne took us out in their car to get some errands done. We have wanted to pick up the most recent edition of "Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping" and they are available through Barnes and Noble bookstores, but not an item that is usually in stock. However their website said they had a copy in stock at a nearby location, and sure enough they did. And, Don and Joanne had a coupon for 25% off, so we were fortunate to be able to buy our copy for just $17.82. This guidebook is a must have for RV'ing in Mexico, so now that's one more thing scratched off our list.

In the same shopping area, we stopped at a "whole foods" grocery store so that Ruth could pick up some more gluten free items. The place was huge, and was easily the largest natural foods store I've ever been in.

It was an overcast day, and sure enough we had a couple of good rainstorms that went through. Had planned on going for a walk in a nearby nature area yesterday, but maybe today will be a better day. It's still cloudy despite the forecast calling for a clear day. And it's become chilly....high today only 59F (14C) and low tonight 38F (3C). That's it, we're heading further south!

Played cards and watched some television last night. Fun to play euchre again!

Sherman is parked on the street outside Don and Joanne's home in Plano. It's a "cul de sac" and so it's very quiet. At night there is no traffic noise at all!


  1. Wow that seems cold for Texas!!!

  2. Plano is very nice. Hope the temps warm up for you. And you play Euchre too, maybe next time we can have a game.

  3. WBY...Yeah, it is pretty chilly, but the sun was out this afternoon so it wasn't too bad. It is suppose to be back to normal temperatures by Monday.

    John and Ellen...I had mentioned to Kevin about playing cards when you came over that one night but we got to talking that we never got around to it. Too bad, as you said maybe next time we can.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Hope the sun comes out and it warms up some. Looks like you've got a great spot to park Sherman for a few days. Nice to be able to get a quiet spot in Dallas!

  5. Rick and Paulette...The sun was out a little more today, still a bit chilly. Tomorrow is looking good though.

    Sherman was quite happy parked there on the street. We couldn't believe how quiet it was, no highway noise at all, thought we were out in the country somewhere.

    Kevin and Ruth


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