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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Atlanta State Park, Texas

We made it to Texas! Only one more border to cross, and then we're in Mexico! But we will spend a week or two in Texas before heading into Mexico.

Not much to see in Texarkana, so we took the bypass around the city. Headed for the town of Atlanta to use internet and buy some beer and wine before we got into Atlanta State Park.

One thing we notice right away about Texas is the speed limits. Standard two lane roads can be as high as 70mph (113 km/h) speed limit, and almost all 4 lane roads are that way.

This is NOT the interstate highway and speed limit was 70/mph

Made it to the Walmart, and bought some more gas. Paid $2.679/gal ($0.71 a litre). I thought it was going to be a little cheaper in Texas, but maybe that's further south. Just checked and it looks to be around $2.559 south of here. Dallas area is expensive, but we won't need any there.

Most Wal-Marts in the U.S. sell beer and wine...excpet the one in Atlanta, Texas. Must be a county thing because the girl in the gas bar said we would have to go back about 10 miles to get any beer or wine. Oh well, no beer or wine tonight!

Atlanta State Park is pretty nice. $12 for water and electric, or $10 for a tenting site. There was nobody in the office, so we just took a $12 site for the night. There is some confusion on the entrance fees though. This park said it was $2 per person "day use fee" as well, but the website said it was just the $12 for the camping. We put $12 in the envelope, and didn't hear back from anyone, so that's all we paid.

Took the bikes for a ride around the park.

And then went for a walk on one of the hiking trails by the lake.

Slept great, and left early this morning. Now in Mount Pleasant where we'll look for a laundry...and a place that sells beer and wine!

Here's our updated expenses for the month so far...

November Expenses:
Fuel: $225.00
Groceries: $187.37
Booze: $18.62
Overnight: $41.00
Entertainment: $75.61
Motorhome Expenses: $1.75


  1. Looks like you found another nice place to overnight. Now to find the booze!

  2. I see Ruth is without a jacket, so assuming it is somewhat warmer there. The state park looks very scenic.

  3. lots of "dry" counties in east texas so when you see a liquor store you know you are at a "wet" county line and better stop and load up...

  4. Welcome to TEXAS. Heyduke is right about wet and dry counties. It is stupid. Why does it matter? It is a Bible Belt thang.

    Travel Safe

  5. Karen and Al...It was a very nice park. Very quiet at least while we were there.

    John and Ellen...Yes it was a perfect day. A good shorts and t-shirt day. Hope your weather is good.

    Heyduke50...We are finding that out. Are you back now? Hope you had a great vacation!

    Cruzin2some...Yep, doesn't make sense! The girl at the wine and beer store said it was to stop the young kids from causing troubles in some towns, but they will just drive to where they can get it and come back. Just no sense!

  6. A lot of states have dry county's, wonder how that idea would fly in Canada. I have the fridge hitched up with the emergency low beer warning light that flashes when you are down to six and sounds a klaxon horn that must be manually reset.the light won't go out till you put a fresh 30 pak in. Yeah I guess you believe that too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  7. Sam and Donna...Kevin needs one of those beer warning lights! He likes to blame me for not replenishing his stock in the fridge!


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