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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Allende, Mexico (day 2)

Chris came to collect us around 8:30am yesterday morning. The plan was to find us an internet “stick” so that we can get online when we don’t have wi-fi access. Mexico has an excellent cellular network and so when we’re not in a campground with wi-fi, we’ll be able to access the internet.

We first tried the TelCel store in Allende, but they didn’t have any in stock. We had never been into downtown Monterrey, so Chris suggested we drive into the city and find a bigger store there. The greater Monterrey area is around 4 million people, and it’s the third largest city in Mexico.

So we got to a large TelCel store in a big shopping plaza. Chris is from the United States, but he’s been living here for over 20 years and is fluently bilingual. So it was helpful to have him with us to make this purchase and explain how everything works. The stick cost 849 pesos ($72.50) and included 3 GB of usage for the first month. It is a “pay as you go” plan, and each month of 3 GB costs a further 499 pesos ($42.65). If we go over our 3 GB limit, you can renew early for another month.

We drove around Monterrey and saw some of the flood damage caused by hurricane Alex in early July. Monterrey was hit really hard, and yet hardly anything was said in the U.S. or Canadian media at the time.

Driving back to Allende, we went up one of the mountains that surround Monterrey and visited the Cascada Cola De Caballo (Horse Tail Falls). The hurricane caused lots of damage to this road as well, and there are still sections that have been washed away. No warning signs or anything. This road would probably have been closed in Canada, or at least the damaged area blocked off or something, but in Mexico life just goes on.

Ruth, Chris, and Whiskey

Part of the road washed away

We decided to move Sherman to the Campestre Monte Sur, where Chris and Juan own another lot and therefore we have guest access to the facilities. The security said we could park wherever we liked, and so we drove the 33 kms further south, which is along our route anyhow. This would be a great spot for 8 or 10 RV sites, and I think Chris is going to suggest it to them. There really isn’t a good campground in the area, and the one in Monterrey is very expensive.

Tried out our internet stick, and the software downloaded easily and we connected to the internet. Very simple setup, and we were impressed! However this morning, I am trying to get on, and it won’t work. Not impressed! Can’t see that I’m doing anything wrong or different…we connected three different times last night without an issue. If it doesn’t sort itself out, I guess we’ll have to find another TelCel store and see what’s up. Three hours later…after trying a whole bunch of different things, probably three or four times each, for whatever reason, it connected. Maybe it was just coincidence and there was some kind of network problem, but whatever it was, we are online again. Hopefully this doesn’t happen often!


  1. It sounds like you're very lucky to have Chris as a friend/helper. Glad you got your internet back and running.

  2. Karen and Al...Yes Chris has been a great help. Can't thank him enough. I am sure we could have gotten through it ourselves but it would have taken much, much longer and maybe not have understood it all.

  3. Your header picture is great, You are lucky to be near such a s nice facility, Bet your glad to be out of Canada at this time of the year, I look at my shower as a way to keep warm here in PA. Chris seems to be a very helpful and giving friend. Lucky to have such a person. Give him our regards.Also give Whiskey a pet from all of us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Sam and Donna...Thanks, it is nice here and we have it to ourselves. Unforunately the pools aren't open as the water isn't heated and they get too cool at night. There are a lot of places to walk. We are very lucky to have such a good friend here to help us out. He has shown us around and explained a lot of the Mexican culture to us. Whiskey says thanks for the pet.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. My Telcel stick refused to connect a few times as well, only to start working again later. I kind of thought it had something to do with congestion, that is - too many people trying to access the service at once. It always came back later.


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