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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Llano, Texas

This is a nice little town. On the outskirts of what they call "Texas Hill Country". It has several RV options. When we entered town yesterday afternoon, we saw RV's in a park by the river.

And so we drove in to check it out. They wanted $15 for full hookups, which is very reasonable, however the lots were as if you were parked in a parking lot, and I mean right up against your neighbour. No thanks.

So we drove into town and used the library internet to see what else was around. Turns out there are three different RV parking areas. Two run by the city, and one run by the local community center. We went for a walk around town before finding somewhere to park.

We are obviously getting closer to Mexico, because many of the small towns now have a central square with a municipal building or county seat in the middle of the square in similar fashion to most towns in Mexico.

We drove about 2 miles west of town to the Llano River Golf and RV club. Here, they want $22 a night for full hookups, but again you are right next to your neighbour. The local police department has offices here too, so I went in to ask about free parking at a nearby ball diamond, but was told no. The community center was also located right next door, and they also have RV parking with hookups in an empty field for $12 a night, and this is what we chose. But we are now in a part of the country that has a lot of little spiney things in the grass, and this is not good for Whiskey. They call them "espinas" in Spanish. There were quite a few here, so we parked in the community center parking lot, and paid $10 because we weren't hooked up to anything. We will be able to use the dump station when we leave though.

Two benefits here though, we have decent internet from the RV and golf park next door, and we are set up just a short walk from a park by the river. Not a bad spot, for $10.

Kevin and Whiskey by the Llano River.

Yesterdays drive 94 miles (150 kms)

Today, we are going to head southwest around San Antonio. There's a 117 mile (188 km) scenic drive that starts here and heads to a place called Utopia. I guess we will see if the place lives up to it's name!

November Expenses:

Fuel: $433.00
Groceries: $328.98
Booze: $69.61
Overnight: $67.00
Entertainment: $85.61
Motorhome Expenses: $19.69


  1. Enjoy your drive and I hope Utopia is exactly that!

  2. Safe travels to Utopia.

    Maybe Utopia will have free full hook up sites and the sites will be seperated by at least 1/4 mile with beautiful trees in-between. I would also expect free internet along with great cell coverage. Oh yeah, the extremely large pull through sites would of course be level in Utopia!

  3. Rick and Paulette...The drive was great, Utiopa...not so much!

    John and Ellen...Utopia did not live up to its name. The park where they have so called camping was not so nice, didn't look like it was cared for or even used. The parking lot at the Living Waters Church on the other hand was great. We saw deer out the window and it was a very quiet night's sleep, no internet though!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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