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Monday, November 15, 2010

Glen Rose, Texas

As we entered Glen Rose, we had pulled into a dead end street that was beside a new Comfort Inn. They had a decent internet connection, and we weren't on their property. The street didn't have anything built on it yet, and this seemed to be a good overnight parking spot.

So we used the internet for a while and decided to then go into the historical section of Glen Rose for the rest of the afternoon, and then come back to this spot for the night.

On the way to the center of town, we drove by an RV park. It looked like it might have been a city run RV park, so we stopped just to ask the price. The guy behind the counter said that it had been bought by the city just last year. It was a fairly large park, and almost empty. I said we didn't need hookups, and he said all sites are $25. I said that was way above our price range. This park should have been one of those $10 a night places, so I was kind of shocked at their pricing. We were in the town of Hico two years ago which is not far from here and their city park was $10 for full hookups. No idea why this place would want so much, especially during low season.

Across the street was Big Rocks Park, so we parked Sherman there and went for a walk.

Can you tell why this park is named "Big Rocks Park"?

A nice lawn ornament?

Downtown Glen Rose still looks like an old western town.

After walking around, we decided to see what the parking lot at the library was like. There were also some ball diamonds on the outskirts of town that would probably have been a good overnight spot. We ended up at the library using the internet again, and as we were parked their, a local police officer drove through the parking lot. I flagged him down and asked if he thought we could stay parked here for the night. The Comfort Inn spot would have been fine, but this would be nicer and quieter. He said he would find out if that was okay and get back to me. He drove off, and never returned so we took that to mean it was okay.

Sherman, parked up at the Glen Rose library for the night.

This was a good parking spot, except that shortly after we went to bed, we heard liquid leaking onto the pavement. We looked at each other and said "what the heck is that?!" because it sounded like Sherman was leaking. I got up and went outside to have a look. It was actually part of their lawn sprinkler system that had malfunctioned and was spewing a stream of water on the pavement behind us. At least it wasn't us! It stopped after a while, and we had an okay nights sleep.

Speaking of leaking, Whiskey has developed that problem. We think it's just related to her age, but we're going to try and take her to a vet this morning and just make sure that she hasn't developed an infection of some kind. Or maybe it's related to the bladder stone surgery she had a couple of months ago. We've decided it should be looked at though.

Then, we're off to Dinosaur Valley State Park for the day!

Downtown Dallas highway interchange. Meant to post this yesterday.


  1. Poor little Whiskey. She just keeps having problems doesn't she? You guys watch your budget closely but never scrimp on her. I like that. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

  2. Hope everything is fine with Whiskey, I will say A pray for you guys. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Karen and Al...Yes, poor Whiskey. It's hard when they can't tell you what's wrong. We would never scrimp on her, she is one of the family. We even bought some washable doggie diapers for her (we call them doggie pants so she's not too embarrassed).

    Sam and Donna...We hope so too. We feel so sorry for her, but it doesn't seem like she is in any pain or anything, so that is good.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Poor whiskey! I hope we don't have too many problems when we get on the road. Where do you find a vet, just look in the 411?

  5. I hope everything is fine with Whiskey.

    We recently had the same encounter with some sprinklers. I had parked by what I thought was a pretty remote area where I wouldn't be bothered by anything, and then I start hearing a whirring and a dripping noise in the middle of the night.

    Once I realized what it was I let it lull me back to sleep, but in the meantime...

  6. Hope Whiskey is okay. Hopefully the vet can shed some light on her condition. We really liked the picture of the "Big Rocks Park".

  7. WBY...Kevin checks out the vets in the area we are in, on and then looks at the reviews on the place.

    ourtakeonfreedom...It's funny when something like that happens. You try looking at places to see that they are quiet and out of the way, but never think about something like sprinklers. Just another thing to keep our eyes open for!


    John and Ellen...Thanks John. Yes, the rocks were pretty cool. The children there, sure liked climbing over them.

    Again, thank you everyone for your concern for Whiskey. She seems to be much better on these pills already, that or it is a coincidence.

    Kevin and Ruth


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