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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gatesville, Texas

We went into the town of Whitney and did some laundry. Well, Ruth did some laundry. Whiskey and I kept Sherman company and found a good internet connection from the church across the road. Decided to head to the other free camping area on the opposite side of Lake Whitney.

And it was only a 10 mile drive. We got to Cedar Creek park, but it wasn't as nice as where we were the night before. Most of the camping area was blocked off, and they only had three sites available for use. Lots of wasps buzzing around too, so we took Whiskey for a short walk, and then headed out.

We haven't been making very much progress south for the last week, and we want to get to the Mexican border at some point, so we just decided to drive and see where we end up. made it to Gatesville around 3:00pm and as we were driving the the downtown area, we saw a sign that said "Overnight RV Parking". So we followed the direction on the sign to a city park where they had maybe 15 random RV sites with water and electric. No signs, other than one that said "Campers much check in with the police before staying the night". No pricing, or anything. So we parked, and then walked back to the downtown and checked in with the police. Except, they wanted $15. I said "no thanks", and we headed for the local Walmart.

We haven't stayed in many Walmarts this trip. They're not bad, considering they're free, but they can be noisy. This one was very good. We were parked well off to the side, and by 10:00pm it was pretty quiet. We both slept well.

Yesterday's drive. 69 miles (111 kms)

Notice that we have been driving on the backroads of Texas. Just about all of these roads have been in really good condition and you can easily maintain a comfortable speed of 55 mph (90 km/h). Mostly ranchland, but very scenic.

We were up early this morning, and hit the road right away. Currently in Lampasas, and heading for the area of Llano, Texas. About to fill up the fuel tank for $2.579 per gallon. ($0.72 CAN per litre).


  1. I don't know where you are planning on going near the mexican border but they have been having some problems on the Texas side with a lot of gun fights that have ended up on the Texas side. People are getting killed by stray bullets.

    Just be careful.

    Travel Safe

  2. Heading for the order to cross it!

    Will be spending the next 4 months or so in Mexico.

  3. 1) Jealous of $2.58 gas

    2) Our experience with Walmarts has been positive, but if I had to make one, our biggest complaint is the bright lights rather than the noise.

  4. you are right out our backdoor... we are about 100 miles from you and we too will spend a good deal of time in mexico... as some have said it is rough around the border but lets be real it rough a lot of places... happy journeys and if you happen to pass through Bryan Texas let us know as we would love to meet you...

  5. Good to see you are humming along, I like the quiet and slower backroads too.

    More people came to see the house this week, all on the COMFREE this time (no realtor!).

    Fingers crossed we will meet you somewhere down there next winter!


  6. I saw that you visited Steele Creek, too. We stayed at a few of the campsites on Lake Whitney this summer. We were able to get Sprint (EVDO) Internet at Soilder Bluff which is another free Lake Whitney campground.

    How cool is it that you are heading to Mexico this winter. We have been talking about it for a few years. I am going to be following your travels.

  7. ourtakeonfreedom...We have to agree with you there. We try to park away from the lights but for us we would rather have them than the noise.

    heyduke50...Not close enough right now but maybe we can meet you on our way out of Mexico. We are thinking of going to Shiner, I believe we will be much closer then.

    WBY...Yep, we love the back roads. Much slower pace and less traffic.

    Good luck with the house. Glad you are getting more traffic through, we look forward to seeing next year on the road :)

    Homeless...Thanks for following along, we hope you enjoy our travels through Mexico. We really love it there.

    Steele Creek was a great place, we love the area around Whitney Lake and would like to spend more time there on another visit.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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