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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Staying at a winery tonight

We never made it to the campground we were planning on last night, so the fact that I say we're staying at a winery tonight may not come to pass. But the PLAN is to stay at a winery.

As were were driving through the town of Dover, Tennessee we saw a brand new county Visitors Center. The front parking was quite slanted so we drove around back on the gravel part where it was level. This was about 4:40pm yesterday afternoon, and they were supposed to close at 4:30pm, but the door was still open so we went in. Turns out this visitor center only opened two weeks ago. It's a beautiful building. Anyhow, the lady there said she wasn't sure if we were allowed to park in their lot overnight although she knew that was possible at some other similar buildings so she said that until they tell her different we are allowed to stay.

And so we did.

We were walking distance from Donelson National Battlefield, a civil war park so we took Whiskey there for a little walk before dinner. We'll go back there this morning for a longer walk.

Had a totally peaceful sleep behind the visitors center. Not the nicest view with a concrete wall on one side, but it was free and it was quiet.

Tonight's destination is the Crown Winery near Humboldt, TN. This is a location we found through our Harvest Hosts membership and will be our first use of this membership. I sent an email to Crown Winery and their response was very welcoming and it turns out that we will be their first Harvest Hosts visitor. We are looking forward to the experience.

And, we have confirmation from a couchsurfer host in Memphis that we will be able to park in her driveway, so we are looking forward to that visit as well.

Today's expected drive, which is about 80 miles (130 kms)...


  1. At least you won't have to drive after visiting the winery, so that's good. Should be an interesting tour. Thanks again for posting the maps, it's fun to see where you are and what towns are along the way.

  2. Love the new header pictures every day. Hope your sting is better. You could have tried putting vicks salve on it also. Some say that works.

  3. Don't forget pics of the winery!!

    and drive safe!

  4. Rick and Paulette...Its a good thing we didn't have to drive, they gave us 9 different wines to taste. Mind you they were only a mouth full each but still.

    We like the maps as well, that way we can see where we were as well if we need to go back through our posts for any reason.

    Pidge...We like doing the header pictures, sort of a trademark for us. Our daughter has our page as her home page so when she sees a different picture she know there is a new post up.

    WBY...Pitures of the winery are up on our next days post for you.


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