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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cooper Lake State Park, Texas

After sitting at the Mount Pleasant library yesterday, we tried the local Wal-Mart for booze. Didn’t see a single liquor store along the way, so we weren’t expecting much luck there.

And sure enough, there was no beer and wine to be had there. I asked one of the employees where we could buy it, and she said the nearest place along our route was about 10 miles. So we hopped on the I30 for a few miles, and stopped in the town of Winfield, which seems to exist on the 3 liquor stores that supply the neighbouring dry counties. What a funny system they have. We asked the girl in the store about it, and she said that they had some kind of a vote on selling it in Mount Pleasant this past summer and the idea was voted down. I guess the majority rules, even when something doesn’t make any sense. Anyhow, we now have 30 cans of beer and 5 litres of wine…for $36.50. It would have cost at least double that in Canada.

Continued on some back roads to Cooper Lake State Park. The website said they have free wi-fi (as quite a few Texas State Parks do), but it turned out it’s only available from the building at the entrance. And most Texas State Parks do charge an entrance fee that is on top of the camping fee. At this park, it was $3 per person entrance fee, and $10 for an electric and water site. $2 discount for no electric. Again, it’s pretty dead here and we asked if we could go have a look around to see if it’s worth our while staying here.

Cooper Lake State Park is quite a large park. It is even broken into 2 sections, one part on the north shore of the lake, and one part on the south shore. We are in the south shore section where there are 2 day use areas, 2 boat ramps, 2 campgrounds, a beach, an equestrian camping area, and a few hiking trails. The campsites are well spaced apart, and nicely done. We liked it here so we decided to spend the $16 and relax. Sherman has a nice spot overlooking the lake. Sometimes, we are too cheap and should just spend the money and enjoy the park.

So we got parked up, took Whiskey for a short stroll, then hopped on the bikes to explore the rest of the park. It’s shorts and t-shirts weather, so that’s what we wore! Very nice to be back in this kind of weather.

Out for a bike ride

Taken while riding bike. Good thing we didn't crash!

Ruth, at the fishing pier

Cooper Lake

It sure does get dark early now. Pretty much dark by 6:00pm. I think we’ve pretty much decided that it’s better to get to sleep early, and get up early. So that’s what we’ve been doing. In bed by 9:30 or 10:00pm, and up between 6:00 and 6:30am.

Ruth baked a loaf of gluten free bread!

Watched the new “A-Team” movie…not bad. Good for a few laughs, and pretty much non stop action, even if some of it was just a little unrealistic.

So now we’re sitting at the entrance building using the internet. We’re going to go for one last hike here this morning, and then we’re headed to visit friends in Plano (a suburb of Dallas) until Sunday.

November Expenses:
Fuel: $225.00
Groceries: $187.37
Booze: $55.20
Overnight: $57.00
Entertainment: $75.61
Motorhome Expenses: $1.75


  1. We use to live about ten miles from there. We have camped there too. If you drive to the lake dam right before dark you will see the deer grazing.

    Travel Safe

  2. It's a pretty area around here we have enjoyed our stay at the state park. We have seen lots of deer just riding our bikes and walking around the park, there is definitely no lack of them around.

  3. I don't think $16 is a bad fee, considering people around here would be twice that for the same resources! silly albertans..
    Looks nice and warm there, and pretty! Would definitely put that one on my list.
    Would love to see that deer!!


  4. WBY...You are right $16 isn't bad. We have to stop being so tight sometimes! We have mentioned to each other how expensive it is in the provincial and national parks in Canada and $16 is cheap compared to them, especially for what we were getting here in the state park.

    It was nice an warm, perfect weather for biking and hiking.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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