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Friday, November 5, 2010

Memphis, Tennessee

We arrived at our couchsurfing host in Memphis around 1:00pm yesterday afternoon. Lana lives in a beautiful neighbourhood filled with many huge oak trees. She wasn't home when we arrived, so we just parked on the street for a couple of hours.

Took Whiskey for a couple of walks around the neighbourhood. We decided to move Sherman into Lana's driveway where it's fairly level rather than leave him on the street because the fridge had been turned off part of the day. It turned out that was fine, and Sherman can remain parked beside the house for the next couple of days.

Lana and her daughters made some soup for supper and invited us to join them. Ruth brought a salad, and we brought some of our homemade wine and enyoyed a nice dinner together. Afterwards Lana's boyfriend Wayne came over and we chatted for the rest of the evening.

Lana (holding Coco) with daughters Michelle and Rachel.

Lana is an artist who specializes in glass blowing. Hopefully we'll get some time over the next couple of days where she can show us how she makes these interesting items...

This morning, we are going to hop on the city bus and go to Graceland. It costs $1.50 each to get there. Compare that to the $3.25 that the bus costs back home in Ottawa. Like I've said, everything in the U.S. is much cheaper than in Canada.

Check back this evening when we'll put up a post about how our day with Elvis went!


  1. Hope you guys enjoy Memphis, Go downtown to some of the Honky Tonks, Be safe Out There. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sherman is sure tucked in nicely between those 2 houses. Enjoy the tour of Graceland. I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought about it.

  3. If you happen to see Elvis, please say hello.

  4. I love the picture of Sherman! He looks to be right at home. I hope the Graceland tour is fun and interesting.

  5. Good thing you have no slides! Doesn't look like much room for Sherman there, but he looks safe and sound for sure!
    Your hosts look like such nice people.

    Enjoy Memphis, I look forward to seeing more photos!!!


  6. Sam and Donna...Heading downtown tomorrow. We'll check out everything.

    Rick and Paulette...Sherman fits in perfectly and can watch everything going by.

    Karen and Al...We missed Elvis, we were told that "he has left the building" hehe

    John and Ellen...Thanks John, he does doesn't he.

    WBY...Yep, it sure is a good thing we don't have slides, they would definitely not have room to open, but we have room and he is pretty comfy here.

    Kevin and Ruth


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